Wait, What?! Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Has a Legit Fear of ‘Little People’

Meghan Blalock

We try not to pay place too much stock in blatant celebrity rumors—like last week, when rumors started flying that Beyoncé and Jay Z were splitting up, which is never going to happen–but this one is just too amusing to ignore. A source “close to the star” has shared with Life & Style magazine that Lindsay Lohan has achondroplasiaphobia: in layman’s terms, a fear of little people.

“In 2006 at the Chateau Marmont, she was with pals when two little people walked by and she started having a major anxiety attack!” the insider tells the tabloid. “She hyperventilated. Someone had to give her an anti-anxiety pill to calm her down. She kept saying, ‘I’m so scared of them!’”

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Is it just our weird sense of humor, or is this actually laugh-out-loud funny? Even better: Little People of America, a nonprofit organization that provides community support and life-enhancing information to little people, actually issued a statement on Lohan’s alleged phobia.

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“Lohan should treat her fear the same as she would a fear of any other protected minority population,” they said. “If that fails, she might find diversity training to be useful.”

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We never thought we’d say this, but thank you, Life & Style. You just made our day so much better. Head to the magazine’s website to read more details on Lindsay’s hilarious phobia. It could definitely just be a rumor, but we sincerely hope not.

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