Lindsay Lohan Has a New Sam in Her Life


Lindsay Lohan must have a thing for Sams, whether it’s Samantha or Samuel. Her newest love interest must be a Samuel, because it’s a boy. And guess what? He’s not a DJ, but a model. Even better.

Allegedly, Lindsay Lohan and Sam Webb have been dating for weeks now. The 23-year-old Dolce & Gabbana model lives in Birmingham, England, and we have a feeling he’s the reason Lindsay has suddenly become so interested in moving to England.

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And a source told RadarOnline, “She loves that he’s part of the fashion scene and that he’s legitimate. He has done huge campaigns and she can actually talk about Karl Lagerfeld and he knows who she’s talking about. She’s in heaven.” Because Lindsay is so knowledgeable when it comes to fashion, right? We bet she’s hoping Sam can help her get back into the scene. If she’s dating him, they have to let her into Dolce & Gabbana shows!

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But Sam seems a little confused. Maybe it’s because he lives in England where Lindsay Lohan news isn’t quite so prominent. But a source close to Sam told The Sun, “He can’t believe it. A few years ago he lived in Birmingham with his mum and dad…. Now he’s dating someone off Hollywood’s A-list.” We wouldn’t exactly place Lindsay Lohan on Hollywood’s A-list anymore. But we’re sure Sam will figure that out soon enough. We can’t wait to see where this goes.

Contributed by Susie Anderson for Limelife.

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