Lindsay Lohan Fashion: First Ungaro, Now Mouawad and Bebe?


Color us confused. Wasn’t Lindsay Lohan at one point a talented actress? We remember being very moved during a certain Parent Trap, and Mean Girls lingo makes up a significant amount of my vocabulary. Who told the girl to stop acting? Following the Ungaro-collab-that-must-not-be-named, Lohan herself let slip that she and jeweler Pascal Mouawad are currently in the works of designing a line for Bebe. Pascal’s line of fine and fashion jewelry and has partnered with Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie, and Tom Binns in creating lines.

From Ungaro to Bebe and, under contract, Ungaro again in January? That’s kind of like going from eating truffles to Subway, back to truffles, and acting like it’s all the same stuff. Perhaps a heavily-monitored line for a mall brand was originally the way to go? Doesn’t she like…have people to advise her on stuff like this?

If we were Lindsay Lohan’s advisers, we would tell her to dye her hair red again, date a Carter brother, and get back on that Disney circuit.