Lindsay Lohan: Drug Dealer Called Out by Father.


In the latest Lindsay Lohan news, her father is coming after Lindsay’s drug dealer.

Lindsay Lohan pays her drug dealer to follow her wherever she goes, according to her father. “He has no job. No job. He does nothing. All he does is supply everyone in LA,” said the very opinionated and vocal Michael Lohan. We guess he doesn’t consider full-time drug-dealing a job.

Mr. Lohan is currently promoting his reality-TV show Celebrity Boxing 12 on the East Coast, but plans to fly to Los Angeles to help his troubled daughter.

He denied rumors that he is estranged from Lindsay, and announced plans to publicly help her, which we totally believe he thinks is in Lindsay’s best interest.

Can’t we just go back to wondering if Lindsay is stealing jewelry or thinking about the hot mess she created at Ungaro? Suddenly they feel like the good old days.