Lindsay Lohan Instagram-Insulted Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s Outfits

Lindsay Lohan
Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan‘s celebrity feuds have been documented to death. There was the time that she and Hilary Duff dated Aaron Carter at the same time as each other, and who can forget when she called Paris Hilton a “c—t,” only to deny it seconds later? But there are two celebrities who we never expected the 31-year-old to beef with: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

The “Mean Girls” actress recently put the celebrity couple on blast when @best_outfits_, a style Instagram, posted a picture of their outfits. The photo featured Gosling and Mendes walking hand-in-hand while rocking coordinating looks. Gosling wore a baggy blue over-shirt and dark-washed jeans, while his wife sported a textured red sweater and black pants. The pair looked more stylish than most celebrity couples out there, but to Lohan, their style could use some work.

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In a screenshot captured by @commentsbycelebs, Lohan let her opinion be known that she wasn’t a fan of Gosling and Mendes’s fashion choices. “I don’t like this look,” she commented.

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Though she has taken a backseat from the spotlight in recent years, Lohan isn’t one to sugarcoat things. So when she doesn’t like you (or your outfits), you’ll know. Better luck next time, Gosling and Mendes. Maybe your next look will earn the Lindsay Lohan stamp of approval.