Lindsay Lohan Lands Role on ‘Eastbound & Down,’ Is Doing Really Well Post-Rehab: Report

Meghan Blalock
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan is fresh out of her 90-day stint in rehab and already back at work, having just wrapped filming a cameo appearance on HBO comedy series “Eastbound & Down.” And TMZ reports that, according to multiple sources on the set with her, Lindsay totally knocked her acting gig out of the park.

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Sources report that Lohan did such a stellar job that the entire cast and crew gave her a standing ovation before she left set, because not only did she “conduct herself professionally,” she also was, you know, funny. This is quite refreshing news for those of us who miss the “Mean Girls”-era Lindsay.

lindsay lohan mean girlsWe are actually really excited at the prospect that Lindsay might finally be getting her life back on track. She has so much potential as an actress, and we just straight-up miss her not acting crazy. As “fun” as it is to watch a train wreck happening, it’s much more satisfying to see someone fulfill their potential. We’re on your team, Lindsay!

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