Here’s What Lindsay Lohan Had To Say About Cody Simpson In That Shady Deleted Post

Lindsay Lohan
Photo: Shutterstock.

With all of the hubbub around Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson’s burgeoning relationship, it was only a matter of time before another celebrity figure decided to dip their toes into the conversation. That said, this Lindsay Lohan and Cody Simpson feud clue still caught us all a little off guard. How does Lindsay even know the Australian singer-songwriting heartthrob, you ask? In a real six degrees of separation twist, it turns out that Cody Simpson once dated Lindsay Lohan’s little sister, Ali Lohan. Oh, and, not to mention: Lindsay also just so happened to be a judge on a recent series of The Masked Singer in Australia, where—you guessed it—Cody Simpson took home the victory. It was reason enough for Lindsay to take to Instagram to post about him. Yet her first post wasn’t quite the congratulatory tale.

Instead, it looks like the actress decided to poke fun at Cody for moving on with Miley Cyrus. After Cody Simpson’s win on The Masked Singer aired, Lindsay shared an unrelated photo of the singer and her sister, back when the pair were a couple. “When you realise you failed,” Lohan wrote, “And you settle for less @codysimpson family is everything you won the masked singer but you lost on your future.” Oh. Ouch. Could you expect any less from Lindsay, though? She’s known for her brutal honesty and celebrity trolling, after all.

Clearly, Lindsay didn’t want to rain on Cody’s parade too much—he just won a competition in his home country, after all. She promptly deleted the Instagram post and replaced it with one that was far more appropriate for the occasion. In a new photo of herself, Simpson, and the rest of The Masked Singer‘s judging panel, Lindsay captioned the following: “@themaskedsingerau woohoo!!! I was right!! yay @codysimpson good job!! what a great time! What a great time and wonderful moments we have all had on this show! Congratulations to everyone! @aliana leave the riffraff behind sista!!!” And there’s Ali Lohan, tagged at the end. Guess she really couldn’t let that one die down, could she? 

Don’t worry too much, though. This feud is hardly that. According to sources, this rivalry was nothing more than a lighthearted dig. LiLo and Cody are “on good terms,” whatever that means!