Lindsay and Dina Lohan Rode Citibikes Around New York: 5 Questions We Have

Meghan Blalock

Lindsay & Dina Lohan Ride Bicycles In NYC

It happened, y’all. The event we were all expecting and awaiting with bated breath has come to be: Lindsay Lohan and fresh-off-a-DUI-charge mother Dina were spotted out and about in New York today, going for a joy ride on a pair of bright blue Citibikes.

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Clearly, we’re kidding, but we still have no fewer than five questions about what is going on in this photo, why it’s happening, and the quantum ramifications of this occurrence.

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1. Was this staged?
Seriously. Dina Lohan is just coming off a charge for a DUI—which, to be fair, she plead not guilty to—so this could be her way of painting herself in the public eye as a responsible, caring mother. She’s even wearing a helmet.

2. And why isn’t Lindsay wearing a helmet?
Guess they don’t teach proper bicycling safety in rehab, or perhaps this is her latest way of rebelling against her unhinged mother.

3. Where are they going?
It’s the middle of the day on a Wednesday. Not that we were ever under the illusion that either of these two ladies maintain even a mildly normal work week schedule, but riding a bike to brunch on a weekday is a whole new level.

4. And why aren’t they using a car service?
Furthermore, if they did have a brunch date in the middle of the week, why in the world wouldn’t they take a car? There’s simply no way either one of both of them don’t have their own personal car service, which just makes it all the more plausible that they really wanted to be seen.

5. Are they wearing matching track suits?