Lindsay Lohan Is Out There on the Shores of Thailand in a Burkini

Lindsay Lohan Is Out There on the Shores of Thailand in a Burkini
Photo: Getty

We never thought we’d live to see the day, but Lindsay Lohan has been spotted hanging out in a burkini on the shores of Phuket, Thailand, taking a casual paddleboard lesson all covered up. The photos, obtained by the Daily Mail, were apparently staged taken last week, and feature the actress covered from head to toe, modeling the style that designer Aheda Zanetti came up with to give women who need to retain their modesty—for religious reasons or otherwise—the chance to go swimming regardless.

We’re not sure exactly why Lohan opted for a burkini, since she’s been fine with wearing regular one-piece swimsuits of late, but—here we are. As the Daily Mail pointed out, “It was a novel new look for the star especially as the main religion practiced in Thaliand is Buddhism.” Indeed.

Lohan revealed that she’s considering converting to Islam on Good Morning Britain last month, though she wouldn’t say definitively that she plans to convert. “I don’t want to speak on something that I haven’t finished yet,” she said. “I don’t think that’s right.”

Islam appeals to her because she finds it “a solace,” she said. “In the Islamic culture, I feel like it’s a family to me, my friends that are Arab,” she said. “When I go to Turkey and there’s prayer hour, it calms me.”

Hmm. OK, well—burkinis it is, then. Here’s a few more angles of the versatile star.