Not Cool, LiLo: Lindsay Lohan Shames Ariana Grande’s Makeup Choices on IG

Not Cool, LiLo: Lindsay Lohan Shames Ariana Grande’s Makeup Choices on IG
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We all know Lindsay Lohan can be a bit of a loose cannon, and today in the ongoing saga of what-will-LiLo-do-next, we bring you a trio of comments she left on Ariana Grande’s Instagram. Lohan apparently felt as though Grande was wearing excessive makeup in three IG shots, and took it upon herself to tell her so. Literally. “Too much makeup,” Lohan commented—on not one, not two, but three different pics.

LiLo has definitely been up to her usual tricks with special force of late—see: boating accident in which she chopped off her thumb; bizarre accent she’s been favoring for some unknown reason, and matching sweatshirt to go with it—but this is just not cool. Celebs seem to love to shade one another—it’s a time-honored Hollywood tradition at this point—but straight-up shaming another girl for her eyeliner or whatever is simply mean, and now more than ever, women need to build each other up, not tear each other down.

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Guess the Mean Girl doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Neither Lohan nor Grande have addressed the comments, but we don’t think Lohan was hacked—every celeb’s fave excuse for erratic behavior—because it doesn’t make any sense that someone would hack into a star’s IG account just to post, “Too much makeup” on three Ariana Grande pics, y’know? The comments could’ve been Photoshopped, but the Shade Room Instagram account is actually a pretty reliable source of real shade.

For her part, Grande doesn’t seem to care much. She spent Sunday night at the American Music Awards and took home Artist of the Year, so—she’s sitting pretty. With as much or as little makeup on her face as she likes, thanks very much.

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