Lindsay is Back On the Horse


Lindsay Lohan was the picture of sobriety Sunday night in Las Vegas as she posed for pictures at the premiere of former Spice Girl Mel B’s new burlesque show, Peepshow. According to the Daily Mail, Lindsay proclaimed to partygoers that she’s “back on men” and was seen “flirting with a mystery man” in the wake of her recent breakup with Samantha Ronson and the eHarmony video spoof released last week. At the after-party, the two were seen texting one another from opposite sides of the room- how cute! New friends Mel B and Lindsay apparently got along so well that they partied at Lindsay’s penthouse suite late night.

‘They went on to a comedy club before returning to Lindsay’s penthouse suite. It had a hot tub and a marble cocktail bar – Lindsay was joking about making the most of all the facilities.’

I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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