Lily Collins Opens Up About Past Struggle With An Eating Disorder

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Lily Collins Opens Up About Past Struggle With An Eating Disorder
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Lily Collins‘ latest project, an independent film titled “To the Bone” was extremely personal, she said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. In the film, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival this weekend, Collins portrays a young woman named Ellen suffering from anorexia nervosa, a story based on the real-life experiences of writer/director, Marti Noxon. Keanu Reeves co-stars in the film, playing Collins’ character’s doctor.

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“It was so inspiring for me to know that someone as brave as Marti was telling her story in this way and being so open and raw about it,” Collins told THR. “Eating disorders were something that I went through as a teenager and had never spoken about,” she bravely admitted. “I thought this would be an amazing way for me to almost face a fear, and to go through it again but to tell a greater story and open up a conversation among young girls and guys. It’s taking the shame and the regret out of your experiences and defining who you are as you move forward.” 

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The Golden Globe nominee tapped into her own past struggles for the role and collaborated with eating disorder patients and experts in the field to accurately portray the disease, which affects 30 million men and women in the United States according to the National Eating Disorders Association

“What a huge moment this is for me,” Collins wrote in a post on Instagram earlier today. “Owning my past, being open, and having no shame or regrets about my experiences. Sharing my history with eating disorders and how personal this film has been is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.”

We’re cheering for you, Lily. 👊

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