Lily Allen’s Sad


Lily Allen released her new song, “Why” today. Why is a b-side to her latest album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You .”

While the music is reminiscent of a musical where a small town gal goes off to find her big city dreams– this is the scene where she’s whirling about with her suitcase in tow– the lyrics are surprisingly tender. Musing how she can be so famous and notorious but still lonely, Lily Allen’s voice chimes through her lyrics, “Why is my phone full of so many numbers and why doesn’t anyone call?”

Awww Lil!!! Cheer up! I mean… You’re not doing that bad for yourself. Lily Allen, post your phone number here and I promise I’ll call you. We can watch Gossip Girl while on the phone together; I know, I can’t believe Chuck said that– Ohmigod he loves her!!!!!