Lily Allen: MySpace and Twitter Were First, Now She’s Given Away BlackBerry and Macbook Too!


Lily Allen deemed herself a neo-luddite in her last tweet and is sticking by the historical movement. A neo… what? Honestly we had never heard of a neo-luddite until Lilly decided she was going to turn into one, reforming her old social-media-maven self. A neo-luddite is derived from a historical group of people who disliked the spread of new technology; in turn they would hold protest marches and destroy factories.

Lily hasn’t taken her technology ban that far, but she has decided to give away her BlackBerry and Macbook. The only forms of technology she owns now are the land line in her apartment and an old simple cell phone that she claims she never brings out with her.

Why the sudden change? We loved Lily’s 20 tweets a day and constant updating, however her boyfriend did not. He dislikes the PDA via the Internet that Lily would tweet out a-mile-a-minute.

Do you think Lily should have stuck by her social networking ways despite all of her boyfriend’s requests? Or was Sam Cooper right for censoring Lily’s communication with the celebrity-obsessed community?


We caught you Lily!