Lily Allen Enters Design World With a Girl Named Lucy

Kerry Pieri
Lily Allen Enters Design World With a Girl Named Lucy
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Lily Allen proved to be quite the character. A MySpace musician with a surprisingly acerbic tongue set against doe eyes and a sweet voice, Allen has not been one to keep mum on everything from her own body issues to Amy Winehouse. She’s a favorite of Karl and even revealed he’s making a wedding gown for her. Perhaps she could have made her own?

Allen, who opened a vintage store in London last year, Lucy in Disguise, is entering the celebrity fashion line fray with her sister Sarah Owen. The two are beginning with 18 pieces for pre-Fall, which Allen told WWD, is inspired by a girl named Lucy, who is a time-traveling fashionista whos inviting you to explore her wardrobe.Its a great opportunity to play with the character. The mostly dresses line has some 40s flair, a few prints and ranges in price from $175-$630, launching exclusively at Shopbop in the US. For some reason, it makes me think it’s extra cool if Shopbop is on board, but the images look a bit girly for my taste. Click through for the sketches to see if you agree.

Photo: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho, WireImage