Lili Reinhart Calls Out Media for Referring to Her as ‘Cole Sprouse’s Girlfriend’

Lili Reinhart
Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

Lili Reinhart is an actor, an activist and the face behind one of the most beloved characters on The CW’s Riverdale. Still, the media often associates her with one and only one thing: her boyfriend, Cole Sprouse.

In an interview with Vogue, the 22-year-old slammed outlets who omit her name and refer to her as “Cole Sprouse’s girlfriend” in order for people to read an article about her. “There is still a problem here if you feel the need to say a man’s name, or someone who is more famous that is connected to me, in order to get someone to read an article about me,” Reinhart said. “I’m not a boring person. I don’t need someone else’s name on a headline to make me sound more interesting.”

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The Riverdale, who has a collection 14 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, also  called out haters who attack for no other reason than to bring her down. “If you hate me so much, don’t fucking talk about me,” Reinhart said. “I don’t have any sympathy for people who go online and attack people for no other reason than to get attention, or to start an army of hate against a celebrity. You need to find something better to do with your time.”

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Thanks to Reinhart for speaking the freaking truth. She’s more than who she’s dating.