Lil Wayne To Fill Some Big Shoes, Literally

Jamie Rose

Run D.M.C., Jay-Z and 50 Cent have all endorsed sneakers at some point during their careers. Now, it’s time for Lil Wayne to step up to the plate.

Weezy F Baby announced that he will be partnering with a “famous shoe company” to produce some kicks. He isn’t revealing what brand or designer he’ll be contracting with, but he did mention that it’s not Reebok or Nike –– two brands that his musical peers have been associated with in the past. The rapper also mentioned that the shoes will not be part of his brand, Trunkit.

We can only wonder what brand and/or designer Mr. Carter will be producing sneakers with. He did somewhat hint to Vibe that is may be Supra when it was mentioned that he’s been wearing them a lot lately.

Who do you think will produce Lil Wayne’s shoes? Could they be a hit or a total miss? Leave a comment below!