The Best Lightweight Face Masks For A Comfortable, Sweat-Free Feel

Maggie Griswold
The Best Lightweight Face Masks For A Comfortable, Sweat-Free Feel
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While I’ve definitely gotten used to throwing on a face mask before I leave the house (a habit I never thought I’d have, honestly), I have not yet adjusted to the sheer amount of hot-air-induced sweat that would accompany this necessary safety precaution. Wearing a mask is one thing, but constantly feeling overheated and sweaty is just something I cannot get behind. Because of this, I made it my mission to hunt down some lightweight face masks that would make my life easier. Thankfully, due to recommendations, reviews and just plain old trial and error, I’ve been able to find several at which to throw my money.

Before we get to the round-up of masks, I want to first remind everyone that a good mask doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, some are pricier because they’re hand-embroidered or come from a well-known designer—but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more breathable or safer than other, cheaper masks. If you’re going for both lightweight and inexpensive, there are plenty of options.

By all means, splurge on a cute face mask that makes you feel like you’re adding an accessory to your outfit (and not a much-needed safety measure) if you want, but don’t feel like you have to shell out a lot of cash in order to find the perfect lightweight face mask. You can achieve a comfortable, sweat-free way of life on any budget, so spend your money on what matters to you. If that’s a simple black face mask for under $10, so be it. If it’s a trendy embellished mask for $30, go ahead.

No matter how much you want to spend on your face mask, there are myriad lightweight and breathable options available right now. From classic solids in neutral hues to fun patterns perfect for Instagram photoshoots, you’re sure to find your newest face mask obsession below. We may not have known that face masks would become a must-have accessory, but now that we’re all wearing them, might as well make sure we’re as comfortable as possible.

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1. Structured Reusable Fabric Mask

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Bondir.

StyleCaster’s Deputy Editor swears by this Bondir fabric face mask
—and so do reviewers. The consensus? This mask is not only lightweight, but it’s also majorly breathable for hot days.


2. Floral, Plaid & Polka Dot Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Love Hope Shine.

Hope Love Shine face masks
are some of the best-selling picks on Amazon right now. Not only do these lightweight masks get great reviews, but they come with three layers of protection in 100% cotton. Plus, you get three for under $20!


3. Airism Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Uniqlo.

StyleCaster’s Fashion and Lifestyle Editor could rave about these Uniqlo Airism Masks for days. (If you haven’t read her Airism Mask review yet, you definitely should.) These breathable masks sell out super quickly, so go ahead and snag your favorite color and size before they’re gone. At $14.90 for a pack of three, why not try them out?


4. Blue Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of EnerPlex.

The reviews are in (214, to be exact) and all signs point to breathability with this EnerPlex lightweight face mask
. Though it has three layers of protection, reviewers are adamant about the fact that this masks allows you to breathe. See ya, sweat!


5. Solid Colors Face Mask

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Wear Your Mask.

If the fact that these solid color face masks are triple-layered and guaranteed to be soft and comfortable (!) doesn’t sway you, maybe this review will: “Just wanted to say that I love this mask. From the color scheme to how breathable it is. It still feels protectant and my makeup surprisingly doesn’t transfer as much. It’s light but also has layer. Really awesome purchase!”


6. Unisex Face Mask

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Find Your Mask.

Available in a variety of colors, these lightweight face masks are a great option. With over 4,500 reviews, an average rating of five stars and a price under $10, you might as well give these masks a try. Some customers do warn that these masks fit a bit large, though, so if you have a small face, you might want to choose something else.


7. Fabric Face Masks (Pack Of 2)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Universal Thread.

These Universal Thread face masks are legitimately $2 a piece—and some of the most breathable and lightweight options I’ve found. I picked these up when I was on a Target run, and was pleasantly surprised at how they fit. These masks feature two layers of cotton and a nose wire, making them a steal at $4 for a two-pack.


8. Lightweight Adult Masks

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of S3 Holding.

Whether you opt for the light pink, pink or black option, these lightweight face masks are sure to become a new go-to in your mask rotation. One reviewer (out of 1,371!) says, “These are the best masks I have ordered and I have ordered quite a few. They are easy to wear all day teaching.” And if a teacher recommends them, you know they’re a must-shop.


9. 100% Human Face Masks (Pack Of 5)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Everlane.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight face mask that’s also soft and ethically made, the Everlane face masks are here to blow your mind. For $25, you get five 100% cotton face masks that are as comfortable as they are cute. One reviewer said, “I’m a bit claustrophobic so wearing masks is hard for me, but I have really done well when wearing these. Bravo!!” BRB, buying a pack now.


10. Cloud Face Masks (Pack Of 3)

STYLECASTER | Lightweight Face Masks

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi.

For those who want something a little more aesthetically pleasing, folks on social media (including StyleCaster’s Fashion and Lifestyle editor) are loving these Lele Sadoughi face masks. They’re the lightweight option that still looks good on your Instagram feed.

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