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Cancer, Your June Horoscope Is Sleepy, Dreamy & Lazy—Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

You'll want all the downtime you can get.
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The month starts off a little slow and sleepy, but trust us—you’ll appreciate having had some time to chill once Cancer season starts! Your Cancer horoscope for June 2023 ushers in your birthday season, so you better be ready to rock n’ roll.

June begins on a sweet note, as beauty-loving Venus is still gracing your sign with its harmonious and romantic presence until June 5. A Venusian connection with dreamy Neptune on June 2 casts a rose-colored glow over your relationships, so indulge in your fantasies, get lost in a daydream or chill in bed with your lover.

Enjoy this lavender haze while you can, because the following day, the fiery full moon in Sagittarius is likely to shake you out of your slumber. Piled-up responsibilities and monotonous routines could suddenly start cramping your style and making you feel confined, so seek ways to manage your time that offer you more freedom and room for growth. Let go of unnecessary obligations that are sucking up valuable energy or bad habits that are keeping you in the same ol’ boring cycles.

Freeing yourself of that full moon baggage will feel especially fabulous come mid-June, as things get especially introspective for you this month and you’ll want all the downtime you can get! Mercury joins the sun in your sleepy twelfth house on June 11, asking you to recharge your mental batteries. Intuitive hits and psychic dreams will be at a high for the next couple weeks, but you might want to hold off planning anything too detail-oriented or logistical. You’re more tapped into your subconscious than your schedule at the moment. With that in mind, the new moon in Gemini on June 17 (PT)/June 18 (ET) is the perfect time to get witchy. Set intentions for summer, cast a spell and summon your spiritual magic all weekend long.

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Be ready to come out of your crab shell come June 21, though, because that’s the summer solstice and the kick-off to Cancer season. Happy birthday! With the sun in your sign, you’re feeling fully revived and ready to have some fun in the sun. The haziness of the past weeks really starts clearing on June 26, when chatty Mercury hits your sign, too. You’ll feel more social and your brain will be buzzing with fresh ideas. Look out for a major moment of clarity during the Mercury cazimi on June 30.

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