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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week, Because They’re Making New Friends

Sparks are truly flying.
STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs Who Will Have the Best Weekly Horoscope
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When looking towards the future, what are you hoping to manifest? Change is inevitable as we are spiritual beings living a human experience, but if you’re staying present to what is occurring within and all around you, the current astrological energies will help you find your way. The cosmos is bringing awareness to everything from our potentials to our authentic expression, and these three zodiac signs will have the best week of May 22 to May 28. So, if you’ve felt stuck or have been witnessing energies fall away unexpectedly, have no fear. There’s always a breaking before a breakthrough.

Either way, we’re in for quite a dynamic week ahead, especially when considering what is left of May’s fixed grand cross. For reference, after Jupiter’s initial square to Pluto retrograde, let’s not forget Mars entered Leo (May 20) and made an exact opposition to the Lord of the Underworld. This activated a cross of energies, and left us with no choice but to be still and wait for what’s to come. Fortunately, upon the sun’s debut in thought-provoking Gemini, it will meet with Pluto retrograde in a harmonious trine. This will alleviate some of the tension and help you get the ball rolling with whatever you have in the works. Whether it be an idea you’ve been brainstorming or a callback you’ve been waiting for, the element air helps us be more resourceful.

When was the last time you challenged yourself to do something that scares you? You’ll want to be conscious of what fuels you personally and creatively, as the sun will dance with Mars in Leo on May 22, and this will likely serve as a big message from the cosmos. Use your immediate surroundings for inspiration, and lean on your peers for support. Romantic Venus will eventually meet with dare-devil Uranus on May 26, and this synergy is equally unconventional as it is emotionally-driven. This could be the spark that lights so many new friendships and crushes on fire, so follow your heart and allow yourself to be inspired.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re ready to carpe diem this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week

STYLECASTER | Horoscope Zodiac Symbols
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Are you ready for lift-off? It’s your solar season! Also, it’s not everyday the sun joins forces with Pluto retrograde, let alone in while transiting your sign. Do you notice yourself evolving when it comes to your sense of self, and sense of belonging in the world? On May 22, while journeying through the initial degrees of your sign, the sun will meet with go-getter Mars in your communication sector which can either invigorate you, or spice things up in your immediate environment.

Flirtatious with a dash of snarky sass, you have the right words and all of the charisma. If you’re making professional deals or networking with potential prospects, let your inner voice be your guide. Surprising insight could intuitively nudge you, too.

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STYLECASTER | Horoscope Zodiac Symbols
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To say you’re on fire this season would be an understatement… but then again, what’s new? Although, you have to admit, having Mars in your sign isn’t all that bad, to say the least. You’re as confident and courageous as ever, which is a huge pick-me-up after almost two months of Mars in your sleepy 12th house. In other news, the sun is officially lighting up your 11th house of associations, community affairs and social contributions, and it will be joining Mars in your sign at the start of the week.

Ready to put yourself out there? If you were working on something behind the scenes, this is an opportunity to share your uniqueness with the rest of the world. The moon will enter your sign on May 24, and essentially supercharge your emotions. Harness this fiery passion wisely, because it’s extra potent!

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STYLECASTER | Horoscope Zodiac Symbols
iMaxTree; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


You’re more in touch with your desires than ever, and you’re likely feeling the pull to explore this alluring territory. Communicating with like-minded individuals abroad or in an educational setting could be rewarding and transformative, so don’t hesitate to explore other horizons. In fact, the sun will meet with Mars on May 22, so be sure to make room in your social calendar. Things could heat up unexpectedly, so keep your eyes on the prize.

The good news is, there isn’t anything remotely indecisive about you under this Mars transit, at least when it comes to the individuals you’re looking to work with. Your celestial ruler Venus is also dazzling the most public point in your birth chart, and it will meet with freedom-loving Uranus before the week comes to a close. Professional projects bear fruit, so lookout for that financial return!

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