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What Are Asteroids in Astrology? The Zodiac Signs of Juno, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas & Vesta

Have questions? The asteroids have answers.
StyleCaster | What Are Asteroids & How Do They Affect Each Zodiac Sign
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You may know about your sun, moon and rising, proudly letting someone know your “big three” upon meeting them. You may even know your Venus sign—which describes your romantic inclinations—and your Mars sign—which dictates your ambitious side. However, all planets and placements aside, there are also asteroids in astrology to consider.

Although there are about ten major planets in your natal chart the asteroids—though smaller in size—describe the deeper complexities and nuances of your life, personality, relationships and desires. These flying space rocks that orbit the sun have a powerful pull on things like our self-care routine, potential marriage(s), and even our relationship to spirituality. Each of these asteroids, although not as widely known or discussed as the planets, rising sign or your North Node and South Node placements, still holds valuable information into our lives and how they may turn out.

Depending on which sign or house each asteroids fall into your natal chart, you will be uniquely impacted by them. You can find that information out here. Make sure that you leave all of the options at the bottom as they are and simply input your birth information. Once the chart is populated, you can locate “Asteroid Positions” on the right-hand side with each asteroid’s sign and house listed. The asteroids that we will discuss below are Juno, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta:

Asteroids in Astrology: Their Meaning, Explained

Juno in Astrology


Soulmate, Marriage & Family

This asteroid is responsible for feminine energy, women, marriage, family, and traits of your long-term partner. Most people look to the seventh house of partnerships, Venus or Mars to predict who they will end up with. However, when we look at Juno we can see long-term soulmate energy and the person we are meant to create a family with (even if this just means between the two of you). It is said that the ideal partner would either have sun, moon, or other personal/prominent placements in the same sign as your Juno sign. Read below to learn more about your soulmate and what you need in order to live happily ever after:

1st House/Aries: Finding your soulmate is a big part of your identity, you view the partner you choose as an extension of yourself and expect them to represent you well when you are not around. Your spouse or life-long partner will be very important to you.

2nd House/Taurus: You seek out partners who can financially support you or make you feel safe. There may be a large age gap or a control aspect to your relationship dynamics. You will enjoy a marriage that brings status along with it. Whether or not you have a relationship, you feel that you self-worth depends on your relationship status.

3rd House/Gemini: Your life-partner must be intellectually stimulating and you may meet them through mutual friends. There is a sense of community that is built from your relationship and you will only settle down if you have found someone who can combine friend groups, hobbies and families with you. You may be prone to extra-marital affairs, polyamory, or need a sense of freedom and ability to connect with others outside of your relationship, regardless of how long you and your primary partner have been together.

4th House/Cancer: It’s important to you to find someone you can build a life, a home, and a family with. You may also meet your partner through your family or your partner will have a large (or close-knit) family of their own that you marry into. A cozy, safe and gentle marriage is the only dynamic that will work well for you. It is important to you to have a partner who protects your relationship from outside forces.

5th House/Leo: You may meet your partner through a creative hobby, in childhood, or share a home town. You will need someone who is youthful, playful, and someone who helps you express yourself. It is important to end up with someone who encourages you to be bold, confident, and fully-expressed. Your life-partner may also be into acting, theatrics, modeling, or public speaking.

6th House/Virgo: There is a chance you will meet your partner at your workplace or through your work. Your partner will act like a healing agent for your inner child and become a teacher to you in many ways. It is not unlikely for your partner to be older than you with this placement. Your partner will be filled with wisdom and most likely enjoy reading, research and intellectually stimulating conversations. They could be quite shy or reclusive as well, with the furthest divination being an “introverted extrovert” or someone who can show face in social settings but ultimately preferring quiet nights in and one-on-one time with you to large crowds. Your partner could work in medical services, education, accounting, finances, tech, writing or editing.

7th House/Libra: You may meet your partner through a matchmaker. It is important that you find a partner who is romantic, deeply devoted, loving and committed. It is likely that you and your partner will be in a faithful and monogamous relationship from start to finish. This placement talks about both you and your soulmate enjoying romantic and harmonious partnerships with a preference for the traditional route (marriage, children, home buying). Your partner could also work in law, human resources, counseling or some form of design.

8th House/Scorpio: The definition of “til death do us part”, this placement talks about a long and mysterious relationship that will always be filled with a sense of secrecy, control, and transformation. This is not the type of relationship dynamic meant for the weak. There is a lot of sexual attraction between you two and you may even sleep with one another very early on. You could also feel very concerned with wealth and the financial security that your partner brings to your dynamic. You and your partner may come into money from inheritance. This dynamic will be deeply transformational for you both. You may meet your partner through a power dynamic (boss and employee, hired, sugar daddy/baby dynamic).

9th House/Sagittarius: A wildly adventurous partner who wants to see the world. Your soulmate is someone who is charming, intellectual, always learning and always on the move. Your soulmate may be from a different country, religious background, or ethnic background than you. You may meet one another while traveling or in some form of school or study. Your partner will typically be easy-going and will love freedom.

10th House/Capricorn: Your partner will command attention and respect within your dynamic. They will bring your social status to new heights by being together. Others may view your partner as very well-connected and powerful. They may seem cold or emotionally detached, but over time if they are able to find a solid balance between work and play, they can be a supportive and loving counterpart within your dynamic. You may meet them at a networking event, exclusive club, or somewhere for the elite. Your public image and relationship will be heavily interwoven.

11th House/Aquarius: Your partner is philanthropic, outspoken, and highly influential. They will be highly independent and crave a sense of individuality within your relationship. It is important to avoid smothering your partner when your Juno is in Aquarius or the 11th house. They may struggle with emotional intimacy, so it is important to understand how both you and your partner want to be loved and express this to one another.

12th House/Pisces: Your partner will most likely be someone who is spiritually inclined or brings a level of spiritual transcendence to your dynamic. This may feel like a past-life lover or someone that you already know upon meeting. They could be a healer, spiritualist, poet, artist or therapist by trade. It is important to learn how to “forgive and forget” with this placement as there is a propensity to harbor resentment and create subconscious belief systems around what your partner does and says to you. It is important to grow from a soul-level in this relationship and there will be much romance and depth between you two.

Chiron in Astrology


Inner Wounds, Healing & Teaching

Chiron in Greek mythology is one of the centaur sons of the Titan Cronus and Philyra (a sea nymph). He was different from the other centaurs who lived with rage and violence, Chiron was known for his intellect and knowledge of medicine but ironically could not heal himself. When we look to Chiron in our birth chart, this placement is sometimes referred to as “the wounded healer”, giving us valuable insight into the natural healing powers that we have from our deepest, subconscious wounds. Chiron can help us to understand what we need to sit with and process in order to achieve higher self-worth and defeat any lingering inadequacies.

This placement (the sign and house that it occupies) allows us to dive deeper into what we need to heal in order to grow into our fullest potential. Similarly to the list of signs and houses that can indicate who your soulmate will be with your Juno placement, Chiron placements will relate to the houses and signs in a similar fashion (Ex: 1H/Aries Chiron being a wounded sense of self that, once mastered, would lead to leadership roles and opportunities, or a 5H/Leo Chiron placement being wounds with self expression that stem from childhood but healing would lead to total comfort with self-expression).

1st House/Aries: you may struggle with your sense of self or self-worth. You might feel insecurity around the way you present yourself to the world or have deep-seated insecurities around your physical appearance. This placement can also indicate a strong ability to heal others by encouraging them to express themselves and be authentic!

2nd House/Taurus: You may have issues around self-worth or feeling safe when it comes to money, wealth and material security. You may also have difficulty understanding your own values and what is truly important to them beyond your ego. This placement can also indicate a talent for helping others to understand their own self-worth and values, working in finances or helping others to feel safe in some way.

3rd House/Gemini: With Chiron in the 3rd house, you may struggle with communication and may have difficulty with siblings, friend groups or neighbors. However, this placement can also indicate a natural ability to heal through communication, idea sharing and writing, especially as a career.

4th House/Cancer: Chiron in the 4th house suggests that you may have deep-seated emotional wounds related to mother or mother figures, family and your childhood. Your may struggle with feelings of abandonment or rejection from your family or with stable housing. However, this placement can also indicate a powerful ability to nurture and heal others within their family dynamics. In example, building a chosen family that is strong or helping others with their families.

5th House/Leo: When Chiron is in the 5th house, you may feel wounded in the way they express themselves creatively or in their ability to experience pleasure and joy. They may struggle with issues around children, romance, and self-expression. However, this placement can also indicate a natural talent for healing through artistic expression or through working with children.

6th House/Virgo: Chiron in the 6th house suggests that you may struggle with your health, career and daily routines. You might not feel like you are “good enough” or building a prosperous enough lifestyle. However, having Chiron in the 6th house can also indicate a strong ability to help others through healing work or coaching.

7th House/Libra: Having Chiron in the 7th house, you might have difficulty with relationships and finding compromise with others. You might have a hard time with commitment and might have painful interactions with others. However, this placement can also indicate a natural ability to help others bring harmony into their lives or cultivate strong, long-term relationships.

8th House/Scorpio: Chiron in the 8th house suggests that you might have subconscious wounds related to your sexuality, intimacy and power dynamics. You might struggle with issues around trust and may feel wounded by moments of betrayal in your past. However, having an 8th house or Scorpio Chiron can indicate a talent for helping others through transformative moments and navigating difficult moments in life or death.

9th House/Sagittarius: With Chiron in the 9th house (or the sign of Sagittarius) you may struggle with religion, education or travel restrictions. You may feel pain when you relate to the rest of the world as well as finding your place in it. This placement can indicate that you have a natural ability to heal through teaching, traveling, religion and teaching others.

10th House/Capricorn: Chiron in the 10th house (or the sign of Capricorn) suggests you may struggle with your career and reputation. You may feel stunted or afraid of not achieving your goals. However, this placement can also indicate a strong ability to heal others with their sense of value, career path or building a reputation.

11th House/Aquarius: With this placement you may feel wounded in your ability to connect with others socially or in group settings. You may struggle with finding or becoming part of a community. However, this placement can also indicate your natural ability to help others heal in group settings or through building a community such as humanitarian organizations and political or social activism.

12th House/Pisces: This placement suggests you may have deep-seated wounds related to spirituality and your deepest, most intimate dreams. You may struggle with issues around addiction and escapism in your own life or being surrounded by others who have these struggles. However, having this placement can also indicate an ability to help others heal through spiritual practices such as alternative healing, substance support, energy work or even psychiatry.

Ceres in Astrology


Nurturing, Loving & Healing

Your Ceres placement gives important insight into the way that you nurture yourself, and even correlates to love languages or how you like to be loved by others. It can also point to motherhood or how you were originally nurtured by a mother figure. Unlike your moon sign placement which most people associate to your relationship with your mother or maternal instincts, it is actually more indicative of the subjective experience you had, while Ceres is the actual relationship with your mother. Your Ceres will tell you what will make you feel stable and here are general insights into each placement:

1st House/Aries: Healing through self image and appearance in order to become more confident

2nd House /Taurus: Healing through pampering, luxury, indulgence, financial abundance, budgeting, and prosperity in order to feel worthy and valuable

3rd House/Gemini: Healing through community, family, and close friends in order to feel connected

4th House/Cancer: Healing by creating a warm and comforting home in order to feel safe

5th House/Leo: Healing the inner child and allowing yourself to play, explore, dance, and keep your youthful spirit alive well into your adult years

6th House/Virgo: Healing through daily routines and healthy habits in order to gain a sense of productivity. This could also indicate having a healthy relationship with food, your body, and overall wellness in order to feel empowered.

7th House/Libra: Creating a sense of balance within your close relationships and committing to long-term goals in order to maintain a sense of balance.

8th House/Scorpio: Becoming comfortable with transformation and the ever-changing nature of life, getting connected and finding beauty in the natural process of death, decay, and shedding in order to release fear. Embracing your sexuality in order to release shame.

9th House/Sagittarius: Embracing travel, philosophical ideas, and different cultures in order to feel like an integral and connected part of the world at large

10th House/Capricorn: Creating balance between work and pleasure in order to find a sense of empowerment in the world while maintaining a successful and joy-filled career

11th House/Aquarius: Letting go of societal norms in order to embrace your authentic, quirky, different self and make an impact on the masses

12th House/Pisces: Healing through spiritual practices and understanding we are all one, romanticizing your life and ultimately allowing your life feel like a dream

Pallas in Astrology


Logic, Intellect & Problem-Solving

Your Pallas placement is concerned with intellect and problem-solving. This placement will better help you understand how you can overcome challenges. Pallas is considered the goddess of war and wisdom, so this placement will give insight into how we focus, strategize and find solutions in this lifetime. You are more likely to be strategic and reliable with your finances if your Pallas is in Taurus versus a Pallas in Leo indicating that you do well with children, parenting, leadership roles and public speaking. There is much insight to be gained with this placement to help you utilize your natural skill set and make your life easier over time by following Pallas’ lead.

1st House/Aries: You will be naturally talented with finding your identity and setting up your personal goals.

2nd House/Taurus: You may excel with your finances and budgeting, and could even do well with a career in finances.

3rd House/Gemini: You do well with communication and problem-solving through community action, friend groups and networking events.

4th House/Cancer: You do well with home and family planning.

5th House/Leo: You thrive with creative strategies and do well with your romantic relationships and seeing a long-term vision with your chosen partners.

6th House/Virgo: You do a great job with creating routines and strategies in regards to health, work and your daily routines.

7th House/Libra: You do well with planning your long-term partnerships and strategizing your relationships with others. You know who serves what purpose and act accordingly.

8th House/Scorpio: You do well with creating a strategy around how you make and take care of your resources, investments, and issues related to power in your life.

9th House/Sagittarius: You will be naturally talented with organizing travel, figuring out the path of your education, and making time for organizing your belief systems.

10th House/Capricorn: You are naturally skilled at making plans and organizing the way you execute your career path and building a long-lasting public image.

11th House/Aquarius: You do well with organizing group gatherings, building friendships and getting involved with your community.

12th House/Pisces: You do well at exploring your deep subconscious and organize your spiritual path.

Vesta in Astrology


Spirituality & Home Life

Vesta is concerned with your spirituality, belief systems, and our inspiration for the home, family, and life that we are building. Vesta is the virgin goddess of hearth and home, guiding us deeper into our understanding of what we want out of life and what will keep our eternal flame ignited. Our Vesta placement, unlike the other asteroids listed above, is solely concerned with the self. She represents our sense of faith and what will keep us going through the darkness. Ultimately, this placement acts like the light at the end of the tunnel for us.

Because of her virginal status, this placement can also help us steer clear of naively focusing too much on any one thing (ex: an 8H/Scorpio Vesta placement may mean that we would do well to let go of obsession over our sexual desires, sexual partners, or whether or not we are being perceived as “sexy”, while a 4H/Cancer Vesta may focus a lot on family and loved ones giving a major life focus on helping others). Your Vesta placement will turn desire into devotion, revealing the causes that we care deeply about and further guide us to the life that we were meant for, kindling our creative fire along the way. This placement can truly amplify your manifestation practice and make it much more simple to get from A to Z with your goals once it is understood.

1st House/Aries: You are devoted to building an identity for yourself in the world and your personal growth through self-improvement.

2nd House/Taurus: You are dedicated to building safety through wealth and gathering material possessions.

3rd House/Gemini: You are devoted to communicating and learning, and would do well teaching or writing as a career path.

4th House/Cancer: You will be devoted to your home and family and will feel fulfilled after building a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

5th House/Leo: You will live your life in devotion to your hobbies, creative pursuits and the arts. You will also do best when you have a romantic partner who feels like your partner in crime.

6th House/Virgo: You will be deeply devoted to your work, health and daily routines and would do best in a service-based job where you are helping or healing others.

7th House/Libra: You will devote a lot of your life to love and your long-term commitments and partnerships of all kinds.

8th House/Scorpio: You will be devoted to embracing the darkness, endings and death cycle in life. You will do best by creating longevity in your investments, and releasing things and people through loss with this placement.

9th House/Sagittarius: You will be devoted in this lifetime to learning, traveling, religion and understanding different cultures and belief systems and helping others to bridge the divide in your own life.

10th House/Capricorn: You will be devoted to your career, your reputation and your community in this lifetime and will most likely have a prominent career in a leadership role.

11th House/Aquarius: You will be dedicated to social causes, philanthropic organizations and community groups in this lifetime—especially those that have a humanitarian undertone.

12th House/Pisces: You will be devoted to your spirituality and may find yourself helping others find their own spiritual practice in this lifetime with this placement.

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