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Gemini May Horoscope 2023: Mercury Retrograde Could Lead to a Spiritual Awakening

Your psychic senses are tingling.
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May is off to a molasses-like start for you, as Taurus season hits your quiet and introspective twelfth house. On top of it, your ruling planet Mercury is still retrograde, slowing things down when it comes to communication and causing all kinds of subtle-but-annoying mental mix-ups. You’re a busybody by nature, but Taurus season’s grounding energy asks you to slow your roll. Don’t worry, though—you’re just saving up your energy for your upcoming birthday season, and your Gemini horoscope for May 2023 looks promising. Once the sun hits your sign, it’ll be party time, so squeeze in some extra sleep and downtime while you can.

Romantic Venus is gracing your sign until May 7, making you especially alluring throughout the first week of the month and giving you an irresistible charm. It’s easy to get what you want with sweet-as-sugar Venus on your side! The first week of May also delivers the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which could cause unexpected changes in responsibilities or sudden shifts in your schedule. Things might feel chaotic now, but trust that these eclipse shake-ups are making room for more wellness and productivity in the future.

Mercury retrograde wraps up on May 14, bringing some much-needed relief and clarity—especially for a chatty Mercury-ruled sign like you! On May 16, Jupiter enters your mystical twelfth house, followed by motivated Mars hitting your communication sector on May 20. Energies are shifting, and you’re embarking on a period of deep spiritual exploration and connection.

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The new moon in Taurus on May 19 brings a beautiful opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual side and connect with a moment of clear-minded calm ahead of Gemini season. Although this month got off to a slow start, the sun’s grand entrance into your sign on May 21 will change all that! As Gemini season begins, the sun blows a kiss to energizing Mars and transformation-focused Pluto, giving you loads of social stamina and a deep desire for new experiences. Meanwhile, a solar square to responsible Saturn keeps you grounded and focused throughout the end of the month. Big things can be accomplished now, especially if you’re willing to work with what’s around you in order to broaden your horizons.

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