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Taylor Swift’s Astrological Compatibility With All 10 of Her Exes, Explained

She's written a song about every single one.
StyleCaster | The Astrology of Taylor Swift & Her Many Exes
Image: Getty; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

You don’t have to call yourself a Swiftie to know why many refer to Taylor Swift as “one of the greatest songwriters of all time.” It’s also no secret that the singer’s love life has been a muse for her artistry since the beginning of her career in music, which is why we’re looking to the stars to tell you all about Taylor Swift’s astrological compatibility with all of her exes. To think it all started back in the summer of 2006, when Swift first dropped her first-ever single “Tim McGraw,” which was inspired by her favorite country artist at the time. You might also remember her country pop gem “Teardrops on my Guitar”, where she sang about her unrequited love for a high school classmate named Drew. Despite whether you happen to resonate with these coming-of-age love songs, there’s no denying the massive influence the 11-time Grammy winner has over pop music and pop culture in general.

Leave it to a truth-telling Sagittarius sun with an evocative Cancer moon—which also happens to conjunct larger-than-life Jupiter—to tell it and sing it as it is. Born with a penetrating Scorpio ascendant and both Mars and Pluto—her chart rulers—occupying her 12th house of unconscious patterns and collective understanding, it’s no wonder the 33-year-old songstress is often notorious for her intensely detailed lyrics and addictive melodies that are submerged in subtle vengeance. A niche for love and heartbreak, Taylor’s musical evolution continues to showcase her innate ability to turn pain into power, similar to the way she asserted herself and confidently addressed her rebirth via her sixth studio album, Reputation. Swift is a brilliant storyteller but, beyond her iconic lyrics and musical genius, she has mastered the art of portrayal and resonance. Her artworks are beautiful depictions of universal truths, and emotional undercurrents that are nearly impossible to describe. 

As one can only imagine, being a muse for the collective is difficult enough as it is, let alone while maintaining a relationship that is solid and secure. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at Taylor Swift’s relationship timeline, as well as her compatibility (or lack thereof) with her exes. P.S. Speculated song associations are also included!

Taylor Swift’s Astrological Compatibility With Her Exes

Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift

Joe Jonas: “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

Though their sun-sign compatibility fits like a glove, Taylor’s smoldering Scorpio rising was a major challenge for Joe’s Leo sun in the 11th house of friendship and lighthearted exchanges. Swift may have felt triggered by his scattered energy which could’ve led to the desire to claim Jonas, as he likely prioritized his role in the industry over their “relationship”. Taylor’s Jupiter (over Joe’s 10th house of reputation) is also exactly opposite his Saturn, creating conflicting beliefs and undeniable differences in their character.

Not gonna lie—with Saturn and Neptune in his personal fourth house—this increases the likelihood of their break-up being a family-made decision that was pushed forth by the Jonas clan, but that’s just my theory.

Lucas Till & Taylor Swift
Big Machine Records

Lucas Till: “You Belong With Me”

A star on the set of her 2008 single “You Belong With Me,” this short-lived romance is barely one to remember, otherwise the Swifities would’ve had a song written all about it. It’s one thing to be featured on a Taylor Swift music video, and another to have a whole song dedicated to you. No offense to Mr. Till, but this fizzled out as quickly as it started.

Astrologically, this is all thanks to their Mars-Venus synastry. Taylor’s Mars-Ascendant in Scorpio trines Lucas’ Venus-Jupiter in Cancer, and though this steamy synergy can be one of magnetism and seduction, there’s a catch. Lucas’ Aries moon squares her Cancer moon, so these two were never on the same page emotionally. 

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner: “Today Was a Fairytale”

It was pretty much fireworks after these two met on the set of the movie Valentine’s Day back in 2009. Astrologically, this was also a cosmic pairing, considering the fact that they’re both adventurous truth-seekers, and their Sun-Mercury synastry validates the similarities in their personalities, as well as the compatibility in their thought-provoking conversations.

Lautner’s Mars and Venus in Capricorn also forms a sextile with Taylor’s Mars-ruled ascendant in Scorpio, making their chemistry equally as sexy as it was traditional in its courtship. T&T shared similar values, which is probably why Swift referred to him as her best friend, even after calling it quits. 

Taylor Swift & John Mayer

John Mayer: “Dear John”

If you find it hard to believe that these two ever dated, you’re not the only one! Not saying it isn’t possible to fall for someone 12 years older than you, but a Libra rising prefers to keep things lighthearted, which is why the dynamic of their “relationship” seems a lot hazier than realistic. My theory is that Taylor was merely John’s muse. Taylor’s Venus in Aquarius (fueling his taboo-loving Uranus in Scorpio) not only trines Mayer’s ascendant, but also occupies his fifth house of love, creativity and self-expression.

Perhaps this explains his fascination with Swift, considering it all started with him tweeting her about a song idea back in March 2009. His Mars in his 10th house of career is also in harmony with her Scorpio rising, which emphasizes the emotional endurance and passion behind their love… I mean, music making.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal: “All Too Well”

This is the quintessential Sagittarius-Sagittarius love story. A bonfire of love that could never be tamed, and fellow Swifties remember the lyrics and Gyllenhaal references all too well. It all started after the pair was seen backstage together at Saturday Night Live in 2010, followed by a series of outings, holidays and romantic rendezvous. Taylor’s Venus makes a sweet and amicable trine to Jake’s Gemini moon, making their chemistry just as flirtatious as it was friendly. 

Jake’s Mercury-Neptune-Sun in Sagittarius also forms a conjunction Taylor’s sun, which could speak to the overarching ideals of their conversations and the focus of their relationship overall. One of them might have fallen in love with an idea that was projected onto the other, as opposed to the real thing. Jake’s Uranus also makes a conjunction with Taylor’s Mars, making the intoxicating intensity of their smoldering romance palpable. This went from transcendental to toxic, and quick.

Taylor Swift & Connor Kennedy

Connor Kennedy: “Starlight”

Mr. Kennedy may have been five years younger than Ms. Swift, but as you can see from her previous pairings, age really is just a number. Dating the grandson of a former U.S. Senator and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy inspired Swift’s song “Starlight” back in 2012, but sources say Connor’s grandmother Ethel thought she was “spectacular.”

The chemistry and fascination with each other’s family background is undeniable, as Connor’s Jupiter in Scorpio makes an exact trine to Taylor’s Cancer moon in her eighth house of intimacy, death and spiritual exchanges. I dare say, the dynamic of their connection feels a bit paranormal, which is something that naturally inspires Taylor. Did I mention she purchased a $4.8 million dollar home near the Kennedy compound, too? The familiarity and closeness was next-level, but she sold it less than a year after meeting, dating and parting ways with Connor. 

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

Harry Styles: “Style”

From headlines about their iconic romance to a supportive friendship, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have certainly come a long way since the initial chemistry they once shared during an X Factor rehearsal. The electric glamour surrounding their star studded romance is also no coincidence, as it was an Aquarian kinda love. Similar to when something is so shiny it seems surreal, the romantic chemistry between Harry and Taylor was no different. 

Styles’ Mars makes an almost perfect trine to Taylor’s Venus, which is the first thing astrologers look for when it pertains to love and seduction. When it comes to their social life and media presentation, Taylor isn’t lying when she sings about their love never going out of style. To top it off, Taylor’s North Node of Destiny is conjunct Harry’s Sun-Venus in Aquarius, which continues to emphasize their otherworldly charm.


Calvin Harris: “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

A 15-month romance for the whole world to see, petty rumors sparked and star studded Twitter feuds followed. The instant connection shared between Calvin and Taylor was certainly mutual, and astrology is here to prove it as per usual. For instance, in addition to both sharing the same moon signs—which means they were similar in the way they expressed their feelings, and in their definition of security—they also shared the same Mars in Scorpio placement, which is not one for the faint-hearted. 

In fact, Calvin’s Mars-Saturn in Scorpio activated Taylor’s Cancer moon, which means there might have been a lot of mirroring going on, both emotionally and in terms of attraction. More importantly, Taylor’s emotions (or lack thereof) could’ve been triggering to Calvin’s passions and rage. And on the dark side of things, it could have served as a subliminal hold over Taylor. Swift’s Venus also squares Calvin’s Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, which might’ve triggered her desire to rebel in the getaway car, if you know what I mean.

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston: “Getaway Car”

After wiping her social media clean of Calvin Harris—and looking for an excuse to leave him—Swift and Hiddleston’s romance went public in June 2016. The Hiddleswift headlines were distracting to say the least. I also have to mention, Hiddleston’s sun conjuncts Calvin’s Lilith in Aquarius—which is symbolic of social media—in his seventh house of relationships—he was the “dark side” of his break-up with Taylor, but I digress. Tom and Taylor’s “Getaway Car” synastry speaks for itself, and this is why I love astrology. 

For instance, Swift’s secretive 8th house moon is almost exactly trine Tom’s Mercury and Mars in Pisces. Mercury is a symbol of transportation, and in a sign like Pisces, personified by themes of escapism and deception. He was her Getaway Car, literally. With Tom’s Neptune conjunct Taylor’s sun, I think a part of the two of them also wanted to believe in the fantasy of it all.

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn
GettyGetty Images

Joe Alwyn: “Lover”

After six years and a series of love songs the world will never forget, Taylor and Joe have called it quits. This is hard to believe and even more difficult to write, but relationships aren’t easy, let alone when under constant scrutiny. As if I could love this pair more than I already do, they share an aspect that is so undeniably compatible, it proves why it worked for them as long as it did. In addition to being a fellow mutable genius, Joe’s sun in enchanting Pisces is almost exactly trine Taylor’s Cancer moon. Nothing to do with gender, but sun-moon synastry is symbolic of the sacred masculine and divine feminine coming together, which is why I wholeheartedly believe they were in love with one another.

Taylor’s Venus is also exactly conjunct Joe’s Saturn in Aquarius, which means there was a sense of commitment and destiny involved with their relationship from the very beginning. On the dark side, however, if not channeled properly, the Saturn person (Joe) can make the Venus (Taylor) person feel restricted or repressed. Taylor’s Scorpio rising is also in harmony with Joe’s Venus, which just so happens to be the ruler of his Taurus moon. The love between these two goes beyond the physical, but Pluto’s recent ingress into Aquarius (hovering over Joe and Taylor’s Saturn-Venus synastry) is likely to blame for the unveiling of shadowy dynamics in their relationship, and shared values.

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