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Get Ready, Pisces—Your April Horoscope Says Saturn Is Giving You More Responsibilities

You're ready to take this next step.
StyleCaster | Pisces 2023 Horoscope
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My lovely fishes, you have dual interests this month: connecting with those you love and accomplishing your goals. Your Pisces horoscope for April 2023 reflects your ability to two two things at once, because your mutable nature is coming in handy.

As both the stern and serious-minded Saturn, as well as dreamy and kind-hearted Neptune—your modern ruling planet—are continue moving through your first house of identity, you’re feeling more open-minded than usual. On April 1, the planet of action, Mars fuels Saturn’s responsible outlook, increasing your ambition and your capability to face any task, no matter how difficult. You are ready to apply yourself to your passions and see real practical results.

On April 7, Venus—the planet of love—laces fingers with Neptune, bringing out your sensitive, caring side. You want to enjoy the pleasures of life: good sex, good food and good art. You want to dance and create and spend time with the people you love. All of this will increase your self-esteem and make people appreciate and notice you more.

When Venus moves into your fourth house of home and family on April 11, your receptive side is enhanced. You will feel more calm and ready to embrace simple pleasures. Peace and harmony in your home life and with your loved ones is what you really crave, anyway. Of course, this desire is challenged by Saturn on April 14, as the weight of this planet’s intensity on lovely Venus makes you feel lonely and melancholy. You may feel under-appreciated, driven by fear and self-criticism. Just remember, this is a passing feeling and try to pay attention to the love that is in your life. It may take more energy than you’d like to maintain your relationships, but it’s worth it.

STYLECASTER | Saturn Return Meaning
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Before Taurus season begins, the confident and radiant Sun dances with Jupiter—the planet of abundance—and inspires you to live life to the fullest. Optimism, joy and good luck will come to you with these planets working together. This is the perfect aspect to combine the dual interests of Saturn and Neptune that are inside you this month. Use the energy to apply yourself to your goals and use the receptive side of Neptune to stay open to new possibilities. The fishes that make up your symbol seem to swim in opposite directions but really their path is a circle, so they always end up in the same place. You have this natural balance inside of you, Pisces, so embrace it!

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