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Capricorn—Your April Horoscope Says You’re Ready to Be a Team Player, So Bring Your A-Game

You're about to save the day.
StyleCaster | Capricorn 2023 Horoscope
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You’re building something new for yourself this month, sea goat! According to your Capricorn horoscope for April 2023, you have the tenacity, intellect and innovative spirit to create a new normal.

The planet of action—Mars—is moving through your seventh house of partnerships and priming you to work cooperatively in your relationships. You are looking to create an environment where, when conflicts arise, you are able to get to the root of the issue and resolve things. This will not only help you in your personal relationships, but also in your professional environments. Especially with serious-minded Saturn—your ruling planet—forming a favorable aspect to Mars at the beginning of this month. On a personal level, you are dedicated to your relationships, putting in the effort to show your devotion. On a professional level, you have a strength and ambition that is unparalleled, toppling difficult tasks one after the other. This is the time to let passion fuel you and tackle obstacles that normally seem insurmountable. You can be a team-player all around, but Mars in Cancer can be a time of passive aggressiveness and indirectness, so avoid side-stepping like a crab.

On April 7, Mercury—the planet of intellect—smiles on to Mars and fills you with an incredible sense of purpose. You’re able to work quickly and efficiently, holding on to lots of information at once. Socially, you’ll find it easy to take bold actions that may normally make you nervous, like flirting or asking someone on a date. In general, you can impress with your intellect and inspire others to want to come to your side. Figure out how you want to apply yourself and go boldly forward!

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At the end of the month, eccentric and unpredictable Uranus dances with Mars from your sixth house of work. Uranus brings new people and new projects into your life and just in time too because you are dying for all things new. You are craving new experiences and a shake-up of your normal routine. Innovation and inspiration are flowing through you and it’s easy to come up with ideas for how to change. This is a great time to make transformations in your life, from the day to day to the big picture. Nothing is holding you back with these planets on your side. Spring has sprung and something is blooming in you, Capricorn!

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