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Virgo—Your April Horoscope Says Your Reputation Is Glowing & You’re Ready For a Promotion

Just beware of Mercury retrograde.
StyleCaster | Virgo 2023 Horoscope
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Virgos, it’s time to get serious because your moment has arrived! According to your Virgo horoscope for April 2023, this is the month to make strides in your professional career and to plan for the future.

Quick-thinking and cunning Mercury—your ruling planet—is flying through your ninth house of understanding and wisdom. As a result, your mind is on the big picture, putting everything into perspective as you search for new knowledge. You are not interested in sweating the small stuff right now. It’s all about where things are headed, especially as Pluto challenges Mercury on April 3. This energy intensifies your thoughts and asks you to dig deeper. Just make sure to keep an open mind, otherwise you may end up defensive and combative without really knowing why. Stay flexible and gracious and, in turn, watch as your mind is positively transformed. 

On April 11, the charming planet of love—Venus—will move into your tenth house of public reputation, bringing social opportunities to your career. You are so likable and can use this social boost to your advantage. It’s easy for you to network, schmooze and impress those around you. Continue your good work and success is likely to follow. At the same time, Venus and Pluto form a favorable aspect, opening you to the things you most desire. Whatever blocks have held you back are released by these energies. You will be able to see how the people around you can help you to accomplish what you want. Own your personal power, Virgo!

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Serious and stern Saturn will challenge Venus from your seventh house of partnerships on April 14, asking you to contemplate the boundaries you have in place in your relationships. You are discovering new values within yourself and, as a result, Saturn wants you to rework the structures in your life and make space for the new. These planets will help you to discover what approaches you should take in your relationships so you can open yourself up for more and still keep what is working for you now. 

The first Mercury retrograde of 2023 will come on April 21, right as Taurus season begins. Since Mercury is your planetary ruler, these retrogrades tend to affect you a bit more. Don’t stress, just read all of those work emails a few extra times before you send them, expect delays and stay as flexible as you can. Take things as they come. Remember, you are ready—seize the moment, Virgo!

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