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Leo—Your April Horoscope Says You’re Gearing Up For Relationship Changes, Thanks to Pluto

The truth always comes out.
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Lions, this month you are accessing your power and working on self-mastery! Your Leo horoscope for April 2023 asks you to take the reins of your professional life and embrace growth.

Your ruling planet—the Sun—is all about self-expression and vitality, which is one reason why you light you every room you enter. When it dances with expansive and optimistic Jupiter on April 11, you will feel a strong desire to experience life fully, looking for opportunities to expand in all areas of life, from the personal to the professional. Whether this has to do with travel, study, relationships, finances, you are feeling ready for new adventures all around! Just remember, Jupiter and the Sun together can sometimes have us overdoing it a bit. Keep your head on your shoulders and you will really make the most of the abundance this transit brings.

On April 20, the Sun moves into your 10th house of career and professional relationships, drawing your focus to your reputation and public standing. This is not the time to shy away—you are asking to be noticed. You want to see real results for your efforts, whether that’s a promotion or some kind of recognition. Take this opportunity to really apply yourself and take on the responsibilities that are likely to come. Your actions are very visible now, so make it count.

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At the same time, powerful and transformational Pluto challenges the Sun from your seventh house of partnerships. You may feel like others are trying to control you or maybe your need for control is causing some conflict. Be aware of where this defensive feeling is coming from in you and allow yourself to let things go, if you can. Holding on too tightly can sometimes cause things to break.

Near the end of the month, Saturn—the planet of responsibility—smiles on the Sun and grants you a strong work ethic and a serious attitude so you can get things done. This is a great aspect for your relationships with authority figures and for taking on leadership roles yourself.

Saturn is slowly moving through your eighth house and asking you to really look at your habits, your relationship with power, your attachments and your obsessions. We all have them! This aspect can make us sensitive to what feels like outside influences forcing us to contend with our deepest desires and fears. Some of those things you think are helping you stay in-control will reveal themselves to be nothing more but walls preventing you from accepting growth. Walk the road to self-mastery proudly, Leo!

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