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Your Weekly Love Horoscope Predicts Arguments & Power Struggles, But Also Great Makeup Sex

There's a fine line between love & hate.
STYLECASTER | Weekly Love Horoscope
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Your love horoscope for the week of March 13 to 19 is filled with drama, passion and aggression, but at least it means your love life ain’t boring!

As Mars—planet of power and combat—squares off with dreamy and illusive Neptune on March 14, you may find that you and your partner are both feeling more sensitive than usual. And if you’re feeling slighted, it could lead to an argument. However, prioritizing kindness and empathy will ensure your stability, especially when communication planet Mercury joins forces with Neptune in Pisces and opens our hearts to deeper understanding by March 16.

March 16 is also when the passion will reach new heights as romantic Venus squares off with dramatic and truth-telling Pluto. Prepare for deep-seated resentment to resurface and for well-kept secrets to suddenly make themselves known. Put it out all out on the table, because it’s gonna come out one way or another. Venus will later enter Taurus—the zodiac sign of its rulership—at 6:34 p.m. ET making it the perfect time to path things up with some bangin’ makeup sex. After all, Venus *loves* being in Taurus, as the sensual, romantic and luxurious aura of this fixed earth sign is enough to keep anyone wanting more.

Here’s what your love horoscope for the week of March 13 to 19 is bringing to your attention, according to your sun sign, Venus sign and/or rising sign:

How The Planets Will Affect Your Love Life This Week

STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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Your week will get off to a slow start as the moon makes its way through Scorpio, activating the sector of your chart that rules intimacy and intuition. You’ll be in the mood to nurture and be nurtured, inspiring you to spend some time on the couch with your nearest and dearest while snacking on good food and cozy drinks. If there’s someone you want to know on a deeper level, consider inviting them over for a movie night. If one-on-one time seems a little too vulnerable, opt to host a game night with a small group of friends and your crush.

Your planetary ruler, Mars, squares Neptune on the fourteenth, shifting the vibe from celebratory to serious, inspiring you to focus on career goals over love. While romance won’t be completely out of the question, it’ll be important that you focus your light on professional ambitions.

Midweek sets a soft romantic tone when Neptune connects with the sun on the fifteenth and Mercury on the sixteenth. These vibes will help open the door for love, but only if you’re able to maintain a responsible balance when it comes to investing in your heart while remaining focused on your professional accomplishments.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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With your ruling planet, Venus squaring Pluto on the sixteenth and activating the sector of your chart that rules spirituality, you could find yourself connecting in new and exciting ways. Instant connections could form as the universe helps you reconnect with people you’ve known in a past life. Just be mindful that you’re not letting the excitement of familiar bonds cloud your judgment. It’s easy to make mistakes in love, and you won’t want to get back on a ride that didn’t go so well for you the first time.

Pay special attention to these sentiments on the sixteenth when Venus and Pluto tensely connect in the sky. Your romantic bonds will feel incredibly intense, and losing yourself in a new relationship will be easy if you don’t pace yourself.

To survive this intense week, remember to take things slow if you find yourself involved in a fresh romance. Take care that you don’t ignore red flags either, even if you can still see the good in someone, and above all else — put yourself first!

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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Pay attention to the give and take within your current and past relationships on the fifteenth and sixteenth when Neptune connects with the sun and Mercury after squaring Mars on the fourteenth. It might be time to pull back with your time, emotions, and general generosity if you feel like others are taking your goodwill for granted. There will be a lot of critical situations around self-respect for you in the coming weeks. It’ll be important that you set boundaries with those who might take advantage of or feel entitled to your kindness.

Luckily, with Pluto activating the sector of your chart that rules transformation, the square to Venus on the sixteenth will have you have a lot working for you when it comes to shedding your skin. The vibe will be especially transformative regarding your approach to relationships. This energy will make you see with absolute clarity how your love life must change if you’re ever going to move forward toward happiness. Give yourself some time to get a small meditation session in, and ask the universe to help you break any relationship cycles you’d rather not relive.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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The first part of the week should feel remarkably comfortable for you, Cancer, as the moon makes its way through your fifth house of dating to the relationship sector of your chart. You’ll feel in tune with the universe while understanding the importance of self-love and self-care. Just watch out for some rocky vibes that will come to be on the morning of the sixteenth when Venus faces off with Pluto.

This energy could cause you to relive trauma from the past, making it hard to move forward with pain still in your heart. Do your best to release and work through any emotional discomfort as it arises, and take heart in the fact that this energy is fleeting and won’t last all day. This will bring healing your way.

This is a great time to sort out your emotions, giving you the push you need to feel less sad about past hurts. You’ll also find that there is love potential all around you as others begin to show interest through flirty messages or an increase in activity on your social media pages. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on love again, even if it means moving slowly.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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Big changes are headed your way this week, dear Leo. You’ll find that you’re more driven to live a healthy lifestyle, which is only set to serve you when it comes to attracting a new mate on the twelfth when the moon in Scorpio aspects Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Drama may find you when the Sagittarius moon enters a t-square with strict Mars and Neptune a few days later.

You may feel like you’re being pulled in two directions, with a desire to have fun and seek love while also wanting to make headway within your career goals. You may also feel uncertain about whether or not you’re even ready for a serious relationship or if you should wait until you’ve made some professional gains.

Luckily, this energy won’t last all day, but you should take note of what’s going on in your head during this time. Even though the energy will be stressful, it should reveal some fairly significant truths about how you really feel about love.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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The fifteenth and sixteenth could get a little rocky for you. Neptune and Mars add tension to your vibe. The vibe will be off, but you won’t know exactly how to pinpoint your discomfort, which might have you pulling away from your friends and family. It’s okay if you need to put up some temporary boundaries. Just make sure to take them down when you’re feeling more like yourself.

If you’re the festive type, make sure to offer up your help if there is news of a party over the weekend. It will help you blow off some steam and have fun as the week comes to a close.

As the week comes to an end, the sun and Mercury connect on the seventeenth, making it a great time to bring your focus back to love after a busy week of holiday preparation. Use the momentum of this energy to send a sweet text to anyone you’ve got your eye on lately, and be sure to say something nice to yourself as well!

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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With Venus, your ruling planet, squaring avenue on the sixteenth, it’s hard to predict where love will take you right now, which is exactly why you’ll be focused on creating emotional security for yourself. This sentiment will become even more pronounced on the seventeenth when the Capricorn moon triggers this aspect.

The days ahead are perfect for reinvesting in your home, making you feel supported by the universe and yourself, even if love isn’t part of your current path. The sixteenth and seventeenth will be especially empowering for you. The planets will work together to help you tap into your strength, reminding you of how much you’ve overcome while opening your heart up to yourself.

Use this energy to appreciate every heartache you’ve gotten yourself through, and make a personal vow that you will not invite anyone into your heart that isn’t genuine, kind, and encouraging of your soul’s evolution. While you’re at it, take a moment to appreciate the friends and family members that have stood by you throughout the years.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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The week kicks off with the moon traveling through your sign. You’ll be in a profound mood, dear Scorpio, as your intuitive abilities are heightened and your connection to the universe is strengthened. Use these vibes as an opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual practice, which can ultimately take you down the path to love in the future. Set your goal towards finding inner peace and gratitude, and you should be able to survive this week fairly unscathed.

While you’re one of the toughest members of the zodiac, you still take hits like anyone else, but what matters is how you handle things. Venus will form a square with your ruling planet, Pluto, on the sixteenth. These vibes will be extremely intense, bringing you to a cerebral state when it comes to matters of the heart. You’ll likely be confronted with memories from the past, which could trigger some deep emotions.

Luckily, you should be able to release these traumas once and for all — but only if you give yourself space to work through and release any feelings that bubble to the surface.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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You’ll be living it up during the first part of the week, savoring these last moments of attention and cheery vibes as the sun finishes up its journey through your sign. Don’t worry, though. Things won’t be so bad when Aries season arrives; you’ll just have different things to focus on — like fun!

The next thirty days will bring your attention to good times as the universe asks you to welcome joy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so live for today! Don’t let the struggles of the day-to-day get you down.

Matters of the heart will come into play later in the week when Venus forms a powerful square with Pluto. This is the perfect time to get serious about your goals — on both a professional and romantic scale. You may also find that a long-lost love has returned to rekindle the flames, which might not be a bad idea as long as the relationship didn’t end in tears and emotional scarring.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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While the first part of the week might feel a bit quiet, a huge shift will occur on the sixteenth when the moon enters your sign! With your monthly lunar return just around the corner, you can expect to benefit from elevated energy levels, a stronger sense of self, and a nice big confidence boost!

With so much energy working in your favor, the universe may throw someone special in your path. Listen to your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart on the seventeenth when Neptune and the sun connect. This solar placement will activate the sector of your chart that rules communication, making it the perfect time to chat with others.

To make the most of these vibes, try to fit in a small meditation session in the afternoon so you can ask for guidance from beyond the veil. Think about what you hope to attract in a partner, and be sure to ask your spirit team to help you find this special someone.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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While the first few days of the week might feel like a party, as you spend time with friends and loved ones, the vibe will shift significantly on the sixteenth when Venus enters Taurus. This placement will activate the sector of your chart that rules the home and family, putting you in an internal mood, craving quiet over chaos.

Don’t worry, though. You won’t be a total hermit! With Neptune heating up your mood from the fifteenth to the seventeenth, you’ll be able to find ways to articulate your deepest feelings, giving you a chance to connect with others on a profound level. If you’re hoping to make headway with your crush, take small steps to scratch beyond the surface, and see where the conversation takes you.

Use this energy to talk about your goals and, in turn, ask others about theirs. Swapping ideas and brainstorming won’t only help you navigate your path moving forward, but they will also give you a chance to showcase your natural brilliance. Try some of these moves on the object of your affection, and see if your vision for the future aligns.

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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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Don’t give your energy to anyone but yourself and your closest friends during the first part of the week. The universe will want you to embrace what makes you unique versus melting into a new romantic partnership. Just think of this period as a little vacation from dating to help lift your spirits by spending time with the activities and people you love most.

Your dating life will gain more traction when Neptune makes you dream of an ideal love all week. This will make you more romantic. If you’ve been out of the game for a while, you may want to consider updating your dating profile or starting one over from scratch. This would also be a good time to explore new online dating platforms that might bring you results where others have failed.

The energy around love will feel potent all week long. Use it to think deeply about and write down what you hope to find in a potential mate and what red flags you must also keep an eye out for. These vibes are all about breaking relationship patterns, so it’s totally acceptable to borrow from experience as you make this list.

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