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What Does a Pisces Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Water Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

Their dreamy eyes will drown you. ♓️
StyleCaster | What Does a Pisces Zodiac Sign Look Like?
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Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, that person looks like an Pisces”? Has it ever crossed your mind why someone may “look”, dress, decorate their home or act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by explaining what a Pisces looks like!

Astrology can work as a great tool to understand the way that people will look, act, dress and even decorate their homes depending on their sign. When someone has dominant Pisces placements (especially personal planets such as their sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars or Venus placements) they tend to embody their planetary ruler: Neptune, a planet associated with creativity and dreams. With Pisces being a romantic, ethereal and sensitive sign, the way that they look & show up in the world is subtle yet moving. 

Pisces, a mutable water sign, also associated with the twelfth house of the unconscious and the unseen. This house brings transformation, deeply buried emotions and secrets to the surface. With Piscean people governing this house, we can see these themes show up within the way they look, dress and decorate. You’ll notice that other people are drawn to going “deep” with Pisces, telling them their deepest and darkest secrets and wanting to hide away with Pisceans. Pisces is moved by the naturally occurring miracles of the world as they can oftentimes “see” and feel things that are not physically formed. They have a touch of psychic capability if you must. Think of famous Pisces, Drew Barrymore and her viral TikTok video encouraging us all to spend more time in the pouring rain when we get the chance! They have a knack for turning the mundane into the magical.

If you’re curious about what someone with Pisces placements looks, dresses and acts like… read on below to understand more!

Image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

The Physical Appearances of Pisces

Being ruled by Neptune in modern astrology, Pisces people are inherently dreamy and ethereal folks. Their physical appearance is as romantic as their hobbies, style, taste in literature and everything in between. They enjoy being wooed by life and those around them and most oftentimes have a gentle look and features, regardless of their gender. Because Neptune also dictates illusion and confusion, they can sometimes have a naive and youthful look well into their elder years. Think of Pisces icons Liza Minelli, Queen Latifah, Kristin Davis and Eva Mendes, who are all celebrities who defy the laws of aging and still have the essence of childhood and youthfulness written on their faces. Vibrant, moisturized and plump faces can often be seen on a Pisces-influenced person.

StyleCaster | Justin Bieber
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These folks tend to have old souls and wise eyes. Their facial features tend to be round and soft with pillowy lips, donned with heads of fine hair. We can see this in Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, Justin Bieber, and Daniel Craig. Their dreamy eyes and kissable lips draw in millions of fans and admirers from all over the world.

Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP.

Their artistic, compassionate and sensitive demeanors show up in all that they do. Think about Pisces Kurt Cobain who in just 27 years of life changed music history with angst-filled ballads, a public romance, parenthood and an insatiable desire to break down a corrupt system. His music and motives were fueled by a desire to see the world work in a better way for all, in true Pisces fashion. When you look at Cobain’s unforgettable ocean blue eyes and shoulder length locks, you understand how the artistic and dreamy Pisces energy manifests in the way that they look.

Kurt Cobain

The most vulnerable area of the body for Pisces people are their ankles and feet. With this anatomical association, it’s rare to catch a Pisces dominant person without a pedicure (or at the bare minimum, well trimmed toenails)! They are usually quick on their feet, naturally great runners, ballerinas, dancers and swimmers. Their astrological symbol is two fish, making this make all the more sense for being great water treaders and swimmers. It’s rare to find a Pisces who doesn’t want to go to the beach, lake, river or out on a boat. If you see your Pisces friend struggling to keep their feet pampered and clean, make sure you ask them if they’re doing okay!

Millie Bobby Brown
Nina Westervelt/PMC.

The Fashion Sense of Pisces

Because Pisces energy naturally inclines these folks to embrace their romantic nature, this trait can be seen in their wardrobe, accessories and even tattoo choices. Their sense of style is usually well-curated and as thoughtful as they are. If they’ve chosen to dye their hair it usually has hues or gold or pink undertones, if they get tattoos done they typically have some association with love or heartbreak, and if they’re putting together an outfit you’d most likely be able to picture them reading you pages of poetry while they’re in it. Their hair often looks effortless; in fact, it can even have have the appearance of being wet.

Rashida Jones

Flowing silhouettes, breezy fabrics, cozy coats and sleek footwear are the cornerstones of Pisces wardrobes, which are looks often seen worn by Pisces celebs like Millie Bobbie Brown, Rashida Jones and Drew Barrymore. If a Pisces leans feminine in their wardrobe, they’ll be drawn to frills, lace and florals. Pastels are no stranger to a Pisces and it further pushes the narrative of their gentle soul shining forward in the way they dress! Flowy, sheer, silk and monochromatic outfits are a must for Pisces people. They love to feel gently caressed and safe within their wardrobes and will usually dress them up with highly feminine or nostalgic jewelry pieces and accessories.

Some “Pisces approved” staple pieces would be:

  • Linen pants
  • Off-the-shoulder dresses
  • A monochromatic cashmere two piece set for all of their travel days between the conscious and subconscious realms
  • Vintage button down shirts
  • Slim fit dress shoes
  • Beanies or hats in colors that complement their eyes
  • Bell bottom pants
  • Sheer tops
  • Open toed heels and sandals to show off their latest pedicure
  • Floral printed maxi skirts
  • Warm, cozy jackets that they can cuddle up in during the cooler months 
  • Nostalgic jewelry pieces
Drew Barrymore

Whatever you find an Pisces in, be ready to fall as “head over heels” for them as they have with their current outfit. Their purpose on this planet is to create art, which starts with the creation of their life. Whether it’s through their looks, their clothes or the way that they decorate their home, be sure to note that Pisces people are as influenced by their emotions and their subconscious as they would be by a trend. They enjoy the dreamier aspects of life and want you to feel romanced any time you look their way!

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