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Have Fun, Libra—Your February Horoscope Predicts a Creative & Artistic Breakthrough

You're learning how to truly express yourself.
StyleCaster | Libra 2023 Horoscope
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Aquarius season is bringing you a burst of creative energy this month, Libra! According to your Libra horoscope for February 2023, you are primed for engaging in artistic pursuits and facing the fears that hold you back.

Venus—your planetary ruler—forms a tense aspect to Mars on February 4. With this energy, you have the opportunity to develop new ways of expressing yourself and eliminate the old ways that are no longer serving you. Experiment with creative and artistic expression, allowing yourself to tinker with new techniques and styles. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, emerging desires will surprise you. Be open and follow where it leads!

Right around Valentine’s Day, Venus will dance with dreamy Neptune in your sixth house of work, stimulating your imagination and heightening your senses. With these energies, you can enhance your work with creative ideas and inventive visions that improve your current process. You may also find it’s easier to express yourself romantically and really connect with your special someone. Inspiration is flowing out of you so pay attention to the things that stick and create, create, create!

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Stern Saturn has been moving through your fifth house, influencing your creativity and self-expression. Saturn demands you confront the fears and blocks that hold you back. What is making you feel unloved or unworthy? Where does that voice come from that says you can’t do this or that? Saturn wants you to break these fears down and take responsibility for yourself. Bring everything to the surface so you have space to really think and discover your potential. Get out of your own way, discipline your creative pursuits, and do the work!

On February 20, romantic Venus will move into its favorite house, the seventh house of relationships, encouraging you to prioritize harmony and allegiance in your love life. This is a great time to collaborate on some artistic new venture as you will be open to compromise and eager to help. It will be easy for you to forgive and forget during this time. You are just ready to connect and feel the good feelings. Share some meaningful one-on-one time with the people you care about and remember to have fun! 

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