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The “Charlie Brown” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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StyleCaster | Zodiac Signs as Charlie Brown Characters
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I can’t be the only one who has imagined the zodiac signs as Charlie Brown characters, right? Between their witty charm and engaging personas, it’s no wonder these sensational holiday gems and adorable Peanuts still tug on our heartstrings to this day.

Hard to believe it’s been over 50 years since A Charlie Brown Christmas first premiered on CBS. And to this day, families all around the world gather around the TV to rewatch this unforgettable classic during each Christmas season. Originally published in 1947 under Li’l Folks, then renamed Peanuts in 1950, the Charles M. Schulz’s syndicated comic strip captivated millions around the world. Of course, it wasn’t long before the Peanuts gang began making cameos in their iconic television specials, making their character line-up all the more hysterical and intriguing.

Sounds far-fetched for what was merely a sketched comic strip once upon a time, but there is a profound message here for everyone. As for its astrology—because you already know I did my research—Peanuts was first published on October 2, 1950, making this world-famous comic a relatable Libra sun! The complexity of the characters—not to mention the psychology behind their relationship dynamics—is precisely what made it so accessible. We’re all imperfectly perfect, and Schulz somehow managed to channel the highs and lows of human-to-human interaction through a wholesome, lighthearted and sensitive character like Charlie Brown. Then again, there’s always Lucy van Pelt’s relentlessness, Snoopy’s unapologetic sarcasm and Pig Pen’s unfortunate dirt cloud because… well, to each their own.

Read on to see which Charlie Brown character resembles your zodiac sign:

The Charlie Brown Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Peppermint Patty Charlie Brown

Aries: You’re Peppermint Patty

You’re bold, outgoing and more than often recognized for your athletic abilities, and elite sportsmanship. Similar to your headstrong planetary ruler, Mars, you have little to no patience, which makes you more likely to jump to conclusions. And though you have no problem taking on the role of a leader, you tend to take your frustrations out on your best friend, Marcie. Audacious and hasty, you are quick to judge and assume, and this gets you into trouble more than you like to admit.

Schroeder Charlie Brown

Taurus: You’re Schroeder

In addition to your Venusian gifts and musings—such as your undying love for Beethoven and knack for playing the piano—it’s your stubborn, persistent and perpetual focus that makes you as talented and prodigious as ever. And though your ride-or-die friendship with Charlie Brown is solid and respectable, you have consciously chosen to steer far away from Lucy Van Pelt, despite being the object of her affection. You’re a man of a few words, which makes you all the more mysterious.


Gemini: You’re Woodstock

In addition to being a brilliant multitasker, you’re also the only character in the Peanuts cast who uses punctuation marks to express your emotions. Similar to your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, your speech and communication style is distinctively unique. So much so, your best friend Snoopy is the only one who truly understands your secret language. You’re also a fast learner, especially when considering the fact that it was Snoopy who taught you how to fly. You may be clumsy and easily distracted, but you always know how to get from point A to point B.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
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Cancer: You’re Charlie Brown

You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you stop at nothing to nurture the ones you love. Sensitivity comes with the turf when you’re ruled by the moon, but your worries stem from your desire to make everyone around you happy. And the same way you single-handedly chose to decorate the most unattractive Christmas tree in the bunch, you will always root for the underdog. Sure, anxiety might get the best of you from time to time, but you wholeheartedly epitomize the true meaning of friendship. 

Sally Brown Charlie Brown
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Leo: You’re Sally Brown

There are inevitable perks that come with being Charlie Brown’s adorable little sister, and while you’re no stranger to the art of getting your way—even if that consists of you whining until you get a reaction—you will stop at nothing to follow your heart. Just like the sun, your pretty smile and golden blonde hair shines effortlessly, but you’ve only got eyes for one person, and his name is Linus. Although, despite your instantaneous heart-eyes for your beloved crush, you pride yourself on standing up for what you believe in. You’re comfortable being the center of attention.

Violet Gray Charlie Brown

Virgo: You’re Violet Gray

Tidy and poised, you tend to pride yourself on the impression you make on others. Your consistent desire for perfection, however, can easily lead to you feeling self-conscious. Then again, your overly-critical nature stems from a combination of reasons, starting with the fact that you’re the daughter of two college graduates, who value the importance of climbing the ladder. Some might call it pretentious, but you simply believe in having high standards. Bottom line? You want absolutely nothing to do with Pig Pen.

Linus Van Pelt Charlie Brown

Libra: You’re Linus Van Pelt

You’re the middle child of the van Pelt family, and just like your harmony-seeking zodiac archetype, you have the innate ability to see both sides of a situation, and ultimately smooth things over. You’re a brilliant intellectual with more knowledge than your big sister (Lucy) gives you credit for, and when you’re not leaning on your blanket for security, you’re falling deeper in love with your favorite teacher, Miss Othmar. You’re definitely a lover, not a fighter.

Lucy Van Pelt Charlie Brown

Scorpio: You’re Lucy Van Pelt

There’s nothing wrong with being bossy, especially when you’re a girl who knows exactly what she wants… and well, we all know that’s Schroeder. Although, beyond your romantic fixations and unrequited love for classical music aficionados, you’re also a plethora of wisdom. So much so, you went as far as launching your own psychiatry booth, where you very confidently diagnosed everyone with a different phobia. Your temper isn’t for the fainthearted, but this gives people a reason not to mess with you. 

Frieda Charlie Brown

Sagittarius: You’re Frieda Rich

Similar to your planetary ruler, Jupiter, your personality is larger-than-life itself. Although, while you’re an honest, opinionated and sassy conversationalist, most of your exchanges consist of you describing the texture of your curly hair. You love to read and talk about what you know first-hand to be true, but more often than not, you simply don’t have time with everything you have going on. Philosophical and inquisitive, you sit behind Linus at school. Perhaps this is why he didn’t hear a word the teacher said all semester.

Franklin Armstrong Charlie Brown
Apple TV+.

Capricorn: You’re Franklin Armstrong

You’re a voice of reason, and you’re just as much of an intellectual as Linus, if not more so. After all, in addition to being the son of a soldier in Vietnam, you spend a lot of time with your Grandfather… so it’s safe to say, you know a thing or two about what’s going on in the world. You also  mark a significant point in history, as you were one of the first black characters to appear in a mainstream comic strip. You also hold a special place in the Peanuts cast, being named after African American animator, Robb Armstrong, and created shortly after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Snoopy Charlie Brown

Aquarius: You’re Snoopy

You may be Charlie Brown’s best friend and pet beagle… but let it be known, you always bring that main-character energy. Whether in your sweet slumber—lounging on top of your doghouse—or in the company of your best pals, there’s no denying your unique quirks and eccentricities. You walk to the beat of your own drum, and there’s no one in the world who can get in the way of your happiness. That is, unless it’s the cat next door, of course. You value your independence, and though you may come across as self-centered at times, your individuality takes precedence. 

Pig Pen Charlie Brown

Pisces: You’re Pig Pen

Despite your uncleanliness, not to mention the dirty cloud you have for a shadow, you pride yourself on being different from the rest. You’re also one of Charlie Brown’s closest friends, because the love you have for each other is unconditional. Similar to your boundless planetary ruler, Neptune, you easily absorb the undercurrents of your surroundings—which tend to be quite filthy at times—but this gives you every reason to believe that you are cloaked in the dust of “countless ages.” You walk in-between worlds and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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