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Get Ready, Pisces—Your 2023 Horoscope Says You’re Doing a Lot of Growing Up This Year

Saturn in Pisces has arrived.
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Your Pisces 2023 horoscope says you’re gearing up for a year of significant milestones, so prepare to bring your A-game. By the time 2023 begins, you will have survived a chaotic holiday season, thanks to Mars retrograde in Gemini driving up the conflict in your fourth house of hometowns and family dynamics. However, that will come to an end on January 12, when Mars stations direct and encourages you to find a solution to the issues that have been waiting for you at home.

However, the pressure is only just beginning, especially if you’re a Pisces or Pisces rising. By March 7, Saturn—planet of karma and maturity—will leave behind Aquarius and enter Pisces, where it will remain for the next two years. This will put you under Saturn’s microscope, as the sharp energy surrounding this cold and distant planet will pierce right through your excuses. When Saturn is in charge, it’s time to give it your best shot and accept criticism when it’s deserved. By March 23, transformative Pluto will enter Aquarius, where it will rework your 12th house of spirituality for the next 20 years. Not only are you about to tap into a deep source of psychic energy, but you’re also diving deep into your relationship with your higher self. And when Mars *finally* enters Cancer after its 5-month-long tour through Gemini on March 23, it will bring your attention toward creative expression. As Mars charges forth in your passionate fifth house, it’s clear that you’ll already be loving the way 2023 feels.

By April 20, you may be bracing for a shift in your financial status as a new-moon-solar-eclipse in Aries starts a new chapter in your second house of money and self-worth. Not only are you concocting clever ways of bringing in more income, but you’re also reexamining what brings you confidence and fulfillment. When a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Scorpio sends a lightning bolt of change to your truth-seeking ninth house on May 5, it’s clear that you may be on the verge of traveling far and adventuring wide. Go see the world, Pisces.

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If you’re a writer, a public speaker or simply a die-hard conversationalist, then Jupiter in Taurus will inspire you to no end. Beginning on May 16, Jupiter in Taurus will bring luck and love to your third house of communication, making you feel intellectually curious and even more prolific with your ideas. In fact, as Jupiter immediately squares off with Pluto, you may find that some of your ideas stem from deep within. Listen to your intuition this year, because it won’t lead you astray. When Venus in Leo stations retrograde from July 22 to September 3, you may find yourself procrastinating and feeling detached from your duties. As the planet of love retrogrades through your sixth house of daily activities, you may be compelled to spice up your routine and make it a bit more interesting.

Your relationships will undergo a shift when Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo from August 23 to September 15. Prepare to understand what is and isn’t working about your dynamic.

Your relationships will undergo a shift when Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo from August 23 to September 15. Prepare to understand what is and isn’t working about your dynamic. If you’re willing to pick up conversations that were left on “read,” you might just find the answers you’ve been searching for. But if you’re still craving “closure” from someone, remember—closure doesn’t depend on anyone but you.

The month of October is brimming with eclipses that will rock your world. It all begins with a new-moon-solar-eclipse in Libra on October 14, evoking a transformation in your eighth house of intimacy. Your feelings toward someone may change, prompting you to trust them further or set necessary boundaries. And as a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Taurus rushes through your mentally curious third house on October 28, you may find yourself cultivating an idea that puts all others to shame. Make no mistake—you’re starting off 2024 with an endless source of intellectual stamina and genius gems that take you far.

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