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Taurus—Your 2023 Horoscope Predicts Intense Growing Pains, But Also Glorious Breakthroughs

You're proving everyone wrong.
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Are you tired of waiting patiently for success? Your Taurus 2023 horoscope says you’re well-prepared for luck to start rolling in, because you’re spending this year building yourself back up. Once Mars retrograde comes to an end on January 12, it will station direct in your second house of self-worth, driving you to fight for your needs and accumulate more wealth as the New Year begins!

If you thought 2022 was a transformative time, wait until you see what 2023 has planned for you Taurus and Taurus risings. On March 7, Saturn will enter Pisces, which will spend time reworking your 11th house of community and extended social circles until 2025. You may find yourself drifting away from friend groups you’re ready to outgrow, setting stronger boundaries in your social life. Once Pluto enters your 10th house of career and public relations on March 23—where it will remain until 2043—you may find yourself on the precipice of an enormous level of power and success. However, remember that with great power comes great responsibility! Mars 23 is also when Mars finally enters Cancer after its five-month-long stint in Gemini, which will activate your third house of communication and self-expression and prompt you to bring power to your thoughts.

You may find yourself letting go of what’s no longer your job to carry by April. When a new-moon-solar-eclipse in Aries casts a shadow over your 12th house of spirituality on April 20, it will encourage you to forgive yourself and remove the guilt from your conscience. However, when Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus from April 21 to May 24, you may find yourself questioning who you are and whether your words align with your authenticity.

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A climactic moment unfolds on May 5, when a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Taurus brings you to the very edge of your seat. Prepare for destiny to arrive at your doorstep, because the universe is intervening in your life and removing whatever is standing between you and your highest potential. And when Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, it will act as an edgy and fascinating mentor. Make no mistake—Jupiter spends more than of the year focusing its attention on turning you into your best self. And as Jupiter immediately squares off with Pluto in your 10th house of publicity, you may be met with an unexpected boost of fame and notoriety.

Venus—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and family from July 22 to September 3.

However, Venus—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and family from July 22 to September 3. This could coincide with some major growing pains, especially when it comes to the way you feel in your sacred space. It’s time to build a home that not only looks like home, but feels like love.

The grand finale of your 2023 experience arrives on October 28, when a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Scorpio sharpens your seventh house of partnerships, preparing to make alterations to your love life and social life. It may be time to say goodbye to some in order to say hello to many. However, let’s not forget that Mercury will retrograde from December 13 to January 1, bringing fresh perspectives into the mix and revisiting harsh conversations as 2024 gears up to begin.

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