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Scorpio—Your December Horoscope Wants You to Treat Yourself Like Royalty During the Holidays

You can't put a price on self-love.
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You’re completely on board with holiday shopping, because your Scorpio horoscope for December 2022 says you’re loving the dopamine hit of each purchase. Sagittarius season is underway, activating your second house of money, luxury and values. Extravagance is in the eye on the beholder, so give yourself permission to spend you money in a way that makes perfect sense to you.

However, if you’re spending before you’ve paid off prior credit cards and you’re investing time and energy into someone who’s not reciprocating, it’s time to rethink your priorities. As Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in your eighth house of commitment and attachment on December 1, you’re starting the month off coming to terms with some of the less-than-logical ways you’ve been utilizing and managing your funds. When a full moon in Gemini takes place on December 7, you may find yourself making some resounding decisions with your money, but bringing yourself to a place of financial security in a capitalistic society often requires you take meaningful action.

Enough talk about money! Once Jupiter—planet of growth and expansion—enters your sixth house of health and work on December 20, you’ll find that it will become easier to stay organized and intentional about your daily routine. The sixth house also rules pets, which means this transit could result in a puppy for Christmas! Just remember, adopting a pet is a life-long commitment, not a passing fancy.

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Capricorn season begins on December 21, which will activate your third house of communication and intellectual stimulation. Prepare to redefine the gift of the gab, because your sparkling comebacks and hilarious witticisms are coming in handy at every holiday party. And as the sun in Capricorn immediately squares off with Jupiter in Aries, you may find yourself being propelled to increase your productivity and go out with a bang. Use every last drop of that Energizer Bunny burst of energy!

A new moon in Capricorn on December 23 will lay down the groundwork for some brilliant ideas and epic connections. Discussions and brainstorming sessions will result in high-output, especially over the course of the next six months. Take not of everything!

However, great things also take time. Mercury retrograde begins on December 29, stationing retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn and forcing you to return to conversations that were left on read. Prepare for misunderstandings and awkward run-ins to force you to finally talk about the elephant in the room.

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