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Leo—Your December Horoscope Says Your Joy Is Infectious & it’s Lighting Up Every Room

Who needs sunshine when they have you?
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You’re in the mood to party and your Leo horoscope for December 2022 wants you to indulge in what makes you happy. The holidays are alive, Sagittarius season is underway and the sun is currently moving through your fifth house of fun, romance and creativity. Don’t let anyone harsh your mellow, especially if your joy deserves to spread like wildfire!

This month, you’re expressing yourself in newfound ways and reconnecting with what the world adores about you. However, as Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in your 11th house of community on December 1, you may feel frustrated by everyone’s need to judge and pick apart whatever it is that you’re doing. Don’t feel discouraged when people don’t understand you, because beautiful things often look ugly to people who wouldn’t know beauty if it bit them in the face. When a full moon in Gemini takes place on December 7, it will join forces with Mars retrograde, bringing a cathartic release to all the peer pressure and social politics. Although you may decide to sever ties with friend groups you’ve outgrown, you’re also feeling pumped about the idea of finding newer and better friends in the process.

All the negativity will be old news by December 20, when Jupiter—planet of adventure and expansion—enters your ninth house of spontaneity and open-mindedness. This will reignite your desire to try new things, visit new places and learn every step of the way. Forget the past; get excited for the future!

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Capricorn season begins on December 21, providing you with an opportunity to slow down, catch your breath and get organized. As the sun moves through your sixth house of day-to-day activities, you’re feeling inspired to find your center through a structured and healing routine. But as the sun immediately squares off with Jupiter in your free-spirited ninth house, you may find that discipline does not require perfection. Following a routine doesn’t have to feel boring or monotonous, not when you can rearrange things for unexpected opportunities!

A new moon in Capricorn on December 23 will be an opportunity to replenish your spiritual and physical vitals. Have you been avoiding that mess in your closet? Have you been neglecting your meditation practice? Allow this new moon to help you set an intention that leads to a more nourished and energized mode of being.

However, as Mercury retrograde begins on December 29, you may find that healing is not a linear process. Stationing retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn, you may be forced to tend to certain ailments, wounds or bad habits that continue to exhaust you to this day. Take care of yourself, Leo.

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