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Gemini—Your December Horoscope Says Both Mars & Mercury Retrograde Are Bringing the Ruckus

Might as well rock on. 🤘
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The universe is exerting a lot of pressure on you this month, but your Gemini horoscope for December 2022 is proof that you can handle *anything*. With the sun in Sagittarius—your opposite sign—you may feel as though you’re riding a never-ending rollercoaster ride at the moment. Luckily, it’s all part of the accelerated growth process, and you’re coming out of it much stronger than before.

Mars—planet of passion and conflict—is still retrograding through Gemini, turning up the intensity and the frustration. As Venus in your seventh house of partnerships opposes Mars retrograde on December 1, you may find yourself butting heads with people and cutting to the chase. If resentments are building up and long-standing issues remain unsolved, you may feel frustrations coming to a head as the full moon in Gemini takes place on December 7. Joining forces with Mars retrograde, it will contain the emotional intensity of a firecracker lit without proper safety measures. It will be beautiful, but it could also be sheer chaos!

Either way, your social circle is about to blossom and expand. As Jupiter—planet of growth and adventure—enters your 11th house of community and networking on December 20, you’re finding that the larger your outreach, the more lucky you are. Prepare for acquaintances, followers and online connections to show support for your endeavors.

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Capricorn season begins on December 21, which may make you feel like pulling your energy inward and pouring it into the things that matter most. As soon as the sun enters your eighth house of boundaries and intimacy, it will immediately square off with Jupiter in your social 11th house, which could lead to fast friendships and tight-knit group connections. However, keep in mind that sometimes, the more is definitely *not* the merrier!

A new moon in Capricorn on December 23 could lead to some intense shadow work, initiating a transformation in your eighth house of death and rebirth. Make no mistake—you’re reaching the end of one road and deciding which path to take next. Don’t be afraid to detach yourself from something you’ve long-since outgrown.

Mercury retrograde begins on December 29, stationing retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn. And because Mercury is your ruling planet, this retrograde could bring up difficult emotions that you’ve never truly processed. Prepare to do a deep dive into some of the losses and disappointments you’ve experienced, because retracing your story will show you how much you’ve already healed.

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