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King Charles III’s Astrology Says His Success Depends On Bringing Harry & Meghan Back

If he can't lead his family, how can he lead the commonwealth?
STYLECASTER | Prince Charles Astrology
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After reigning over Great Britain for over 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and loved ones. Now, the world is turning their attention to her successor, which is why the astrology of Prince Charles is more relevant than ever. Although his birth chart proves that he was always meant to be king, it also shows that adjusting to his new position will be rife with challenges. Chances are, he’s been feeling emotional and apprehensive about this change for quite a while.

Born on November 14, 1948 at 9:14 p.m. in London, England, Charles is a Scorpio all the way down to his very core. Even though astrology is much more than your sun sign, Charles exemplifies being a Scorpio like no other. Because his rising sign—which rules over your outward personality and overall vibe—is in extravagant, prideful and courageous Leo, his ruling planet is also his sun in Scorpio! In astrology, Scorpios are known for their passion, intuition and loyalty. However, what they’re really famous for is their ability to transform. Who exemplifies that better than Prince Charles? At the age of 73, Charles is finally leaving behind his cocoon and metamorphosing into the king he was always destined to become.

However, just like it takes time and patience for the butterfly to unfurl its wings, there will be a major adjustment period for Prince Charles in the midst of his transformation. As an astrologer, it’s my duty to talk about what that transformation might entail, according to his birth chart. Here’s why it might be more challenging than expected:

Photo: Getty Images.
Photo: Getty Images.

Prince Charles Is a Scorpio

It cannot be overstated how close the bond Princes Charles shares with his late mother actually is. For starters, Prince Charles was born with his moon sign in Taurus, and in astrology, your moon sign always symbolizes your mother figure. This only makes sense, as Queen Elizabeth II is *also* a Taurus! However, because Charles’ Taurus moon falls in his 10th house of authority, public image and career, it’s clear that he was always meant to take over “the family business”.

Becoming king also means losing the person he looked up to the most—his mother.

However, for Charles, ascending to his mother’s position on the throne is more than just inevitable—it was always his destiny. In fact, Charles becoming king marks the beginning of a whole new era. After all, in Prince Charles’ birth chart, the North Node of Destiny also happens to fall in Taurus, forming an exact conjunction with his moon in the 10th house of leadership. This essentially means that upon the moment of Charles’ coronation, he will be reaching a pivotal moment in his life that was always meant to happen. And because the North Node is *currently* moving through Taurus, many astrologers have been predicting this shift in the British Royal Family would happen within the year.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles
Photo: Getty Images.

However, becoming king also means losing the person he looked up to the most—his mother. Now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, Charles may find himself looking at his mother in a completely new light. He might find himself studying her moves and asking himself what she would have done in any specific situation. After all, taking over for his mother was always his destiny. And in order for Charles to complete his transformation, he must be willing to let go of who he once was.

What Charles says in private has a tendency to get leaked to the press.

Because Charles’ Pluto—planet of rebirth—is sitting right in his first house of the self, he has always been an intense, driven and highly ambitious person. And although he has suffered many losses, they have always come with a major gain. A person with Pluto on the rising is someone who can weather many storms, because transformation is their superpower! However, because Pluto is forming a square with Charles sun in Scorpio in the fourth house of home and family, becoming king may come with a lot of friction in his personal life, especially when it comes to everything that happens behind closed doors.

Prince Charles & Camilla
Photo: Getty Images.

We all know that Charles can put his foot in his mouth from time to time. And to be fair, we all do that, but most of us aren’t doing it in front of the entire world! However, because Charles’ Mercury—planet of communication and self-expression—is forming an opposition with his moon-North Node conjunction in the 10th house of reputation, it only makes sense that sometimes, what Charles says in private has a tendency to get leaked to the press (see: Tampongate). Now that Charles is stepping into the brightest spotlight of his life, the adjustment may lead to a few off-the-cuff moments that the media will have a field day with.

And at the end of the day, his controversial relationship with mistress-turned-wife—Camilla, Queen Consort—only makes sense! After all Camilla was born with her sun in Cancer at 23 degrees, which form an almost exact trine with Charles sun in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Say what you want, but Charles and Camilla are definitely compatible.

Prince Charles Prince Harry Prince William Princess Diana
Photo: Getty Images.

Although becoming king may not be an easy ride for Charles, it will also be an incredibly healing process for him. Like his ex-wife, the late and much beloved Princess Diana, Charles also has a Yod formation in his birth chart. In astrology, a Yod is a planetary formation that signifies a person has been touched “by the hand of God”. In essence, it means Prince Charles was born to be the one who breaks karmic ancestral patterns before they can repeat themselves.

In Charles’ case, both unpredictable Uranus in the 11th house of media and his Taurus moon in the 10th house of reputation is placing pressure on his sensitive Chiron in the fourth house of home and family (which is also sitting right next to his sun in Scorpio). This essentially means that in order for Charles to truly become king, he will have to heal his family first. And by healing his family, Charles will also be healing himself. It doesn’t take a genius or an astrologer to see that this family could use some healing. Whether or not King Charles can successfully bridge the gap between William and Kate and Harry and Meghan will leave an indelible mark on his legacy. If he can’t bring the Sussexes back into the fold and set a shining example by leading his family with forgiveness and grace, it will bring his ability to lead the United Kingdom into question. If he can’t lead his family, how can he lead the commonwealth?

In order for Charles to truly become king, he will have to heal his family first.

By placing less focus on the royal family’s fickle relationship with the press and more focus on the people who truly matter, letting go of Prince Charles and fully embodying King Charles III will be a crucial turning point in his life (and highly on-point for his transformative Scorpio sun). It may cause him to rethink his whole value system and reassess his identity as not just a royal, but also a man. Only time will tell what this new era brings for the soon-to-be-king.

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