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Princess Diana’s Astrology Sheds Light On Her Mysterious Death & Her Unforgettable Life

There was a side to her that no one else knew.
Princess Diana Zodiac Astrology
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When Princess Diana passed away, the collective outpour was unlike anything the world had ever seen. It didn’t matter whether people actually knew Diana personally, because it felt like they did, and that was more than enough to make this tragedy cut incredibly deep. The astrology of Princess Diana Spencer of Wales had everything to do with her irresistible charm and compassionate vibe that made people from every walk of life fall in love with her. And when news of her unexpected death draped a shroud of grief across the world, it felt as though the people had lost a dear friend.

When you consider how many lives Diana Spencer touched, it’s not hard to imagine why she would be nicknamed the “People’s Princess”. She had a way of making you feel like you knew her, all while radiating a warmth that brought you a sense of comfort and ease. And even though she was the most photographed person of her time, she had a way of putting all her focus and attention on whomever she was interacting with. Selflessness and generosity were the cornerstones of her personality, and even though she was royalty, never once did she look down others.

However, her complicated life was—and still continues to be—an endless source of fascination. Despite her empathetic heart, effortless charisma and infectious smile, Princess Diana was also a person of many secrets. Her emotions were as deep and everchanging as the moon itself, which makes sense, considering she was a Cancer!

Princess Diana Was A Cancer

Diana Spencer Princess of Wales
Photo: Getty Images.

Born on July 1, 1961 in Sandringham, England at 7:45 p.m., Diana was a sensitive, nurturing and determined Cancer, which is accurate, considering the way her wholehearted personality became her entire legacy! However, Cancer’s are famous for being shy crabs who would rather remain in their shell, which is contrary to Diana’s spontaneous and larger-than-life aura. After all, Princess Diana was also born with her rising sign in thrill-seeking and risk-taking Sagittarius, making her someone who wanted to see the world and experience everything it has to offer.

All Diana really wanted was a family. She wanted a solid family unit that made her feel safe, like she belonged.

Because of her Sag rising, Princess Diana is ruled by Jupiter—planet of wisdom and adventure—a planet that can’t help but be seen. This speaks to the way Princess Diana could light up a room, capturing the attention of everyone in the vicinity. She regularly outshined her own husband, Prince Charles, much to his chagrin. Her wild popularity made her vulnerable to intense scrutiny, especially within her own family. The constricting routine of royal life was no match for Diana’s untethered and free-spirited Sagittarius nature, which could not be contained. And because her Jupiter was in Aquarius—the zodiac sign of social activism and community efforts—Diana’s motivating force was her desire to bring people together, taking advantage of her elevated position and using it as a force for positive change. She once famously said: “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can,” which is incredibly on point for an Aquarius moon.

Princess Diana Prince Charles
Photo: Getty Images.

However, at the end of the day, all Diana really wanted was a family. She wanted a solid family unit that made her feel safe, like she belonged. And once she married into the British royal family, it’s clear she didn’t receive the warm welcome she was hoping for from her husband and in-laws, but a cold reception that never seemed to thaw. This source of pain for Diana is highlighted by the fact that Chiron—the “wounded healer”—is moving through her fourth house of home and family, forming a challenging square with her moon in Aquarius.

Venus is sitting in her sixth house of service and selflessness, making her someone who truly wanted to help others.

In astrology, the moon represents motherhood, and this desire to have a beautiful family is rooted in her deep need to be a great mother. For her sons Prince Harry and Prince William, Diana was a source of unconditional love. She made sure they knew that she loved them for who they *really* were, regardless of how princely they behaved. Giving them a normal childhood was incredibly important to her, but the limitations of royal life frequently thwarted her.

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Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales
Photo: Getty Images.

One thing that cannot be denied is Princess Diana’s sense of style, which defined a entire era of fashion during the 80’s and 90’s. Famous for her bouncy pixie cut, chic set of blazers and of course, who can forget her epic revenge dress? She left a permanent mark on the world of fashion, which makes sense, since she was born with her Venus—planet of beauty and luxury—in Taurus. In astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus, which means that style and aesthetics came naturally to the royal icon. Plus, her Venus in Taurus is situated at 24 degrees, which is known as the Pisces degree. In astrology, Pisces is known for its dreamy, mystical and mesmerizing vibe that lures you in. And when you consider that Diana was literally being followed hordes of paparazzi wherever she went, it makes even more sense.

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However, Diana’s ethereal beauty went deeper than superficial looks, because she is also remembered for her philanthropic efforts. In Diana’s birth chart, Venus is sitting in her sixth house of service and selflessness, making her someone who truly wanted to help others, in every possible way. Not only is she well-known for her extensive charity, but the way she immersed herself in people’s stories and connected with them emotionally. Diana fearlessly challenged stigmas surrounding AIDS, and I’ll never forget seeing her share a hug with an AIDS patient on TV during a time of heightened ignorance regarding the spread of the illness.

Princess Diana
Photo: Getty Images.

Beyond her all-encompassing presence in the media and her role as mother to two royal princes, Diana is also remembered for her mysterious and unexpected death; a death that shattered the world and left us with far more questions than answers. And according to Diana’s birth chart, her death left a permanent mark on our cultural consciousness. This is because Diana was born with a Yod formation in her birth chart, which means she was destined to break ancestral karma in this lifetime. People born with a Yod—aka “Finger of God”— in their birth chart are people who are destined to change this world; people who are truly meant to shake things up and seal the fate of the future!

Using her voice was part of her destiny. She wasn’t afraid to sound the alarm and tell her side of the story.

The apex of Diana’s Yod happens to be her Jupiter in Aquarius, which is Diana’s ruling planet. Pluto—planet of death and rebirth—is placing pressure on her Jupiter, as it instills her 10th house of reputation and public image with obsessive intensity. This essentially means the media’s preoccupation with her every move was likely a serious factor in the event of her death. And because her death changed the world, this loss also forced our society to rethink the media’s lack of boundaries with notable people and consider the consequences of too much invasion of privacy. After all, it’s widely known that before the car crash that ended Princess Diana’s life occurred, they were driving around 70 mph in a 30 mph zone, attempting to flee a relentless group of paparazzi.

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales
Photo: Getty Images.

However, the other planet involved in Princess Diana’s Yod is her Mercury—planet of communication—which is retrograding through intuitive Cancer in her eighth house of taboo subjects and well-kept secrets. This speaks to the fact that Diana spent much of her time creating waves in the spotlight by speaking on touchy subjects the media—as well as the monarchy—wasn’t always comfortable discussing. She was way ahead of her time, that’s for sure! However, her outspokenness also casts light on the fact that she was somewhat of a whistleblower within the royal family. Using her voice was part of her destiny. She wasn’t afraid to sound the alarm and tell her side of the story, especially when the tabloids painted her in a negative light. During her infamous 1995 tell-all interview, she did not mince words, making it clear that when it comes to the royal family’s facade of perfection, there’s definitely more than meets the eye.

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Unfortunately, Diana still had so much more she wanted to say before her untimely passing. In fact, Diana was probably worried she knew too much. In a letter she wrote to her former butler, Paul Burell, just 10 months before her death, she claimed that there would be a “plot to kill her,” describing details of a car crash that she felt was inevitable. And while there’s technically no concrete evidence that her death was planned, the complications within her birth chart force me to wonder what secrets Diana must have taken with her to the grave; secrets that would have made many powerful people feel threatened.

Either way, Princess Diana’s image is as omnipresent now as it was decades ago. And while you don’t need astrology to tell you that she changed the world, the astrology of Diana Spencer certainly supports the enduring legacy she left behind.

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