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Why Amal Clooney’s Smart For Downgrading Her Engagement Ring

When that diamond bling, that can only mean one thing.
amal clooney
Amal Clooney leaves the Frontline Club and arrives at Roka restaurant in Mayfair Featuring: Amal Clooney Where: London, United Kingdom When: 07 Oct 2015 Credit:
amal clooney engagement ring
Amal is reportedly looking to downgrade her 7-carat engagement ring. (WENN)

If our newsfeeds are to be trusted, many of our Facebook friends have no greater ambition than to get engaged, only to show off what a big rock their fiancé got them seconds later in a cringe-inducing #relfie.

Okay, not everyone is that gauche, but it still seems like the size (and price) of your engagement bling is something that, as a woman, you’re told is important from Day 1. He should spend a certain chunk of his annual salary on it, it should be at least 50 carats, and the list goes on.

But here’s the thing—it’s not really practical to wear a diamond the size of a baseball on your finger as you breeze through life. It makes odd tasks around the house awkward, could attract unwarranted judgement at the office, and makes traveling with The Rock in plain sight something that induces heart palpitations.

But here’s some refreshing news. The gorgeous, intelligent Amal Clooney is reportedly looking to downgrade her own massive platinum-mounted diamond engagement ring, estimated to be worth more than $750,000.

According to The Mirror, the former Ms. Alamuddin, 37, has been shopping at Cartier for a simple platinum band. But why, exactly? Sources told the British tabloid that the prominent human rights lawyer simply doesn’t want undue attention drawn on her bling when she’s working on serious cases involving corruption or genocide. Makes sense, especially given her track record for artfully avoiding unwanted media attention.

The source further adds that her new husband, (you know, movie star George Clooney), is “completely supportive” of the decision of the “downgrade.” And it’s not like Amal’s getting rid of The Bling altogether, just looking for something a little less, well, blingy for her high-profile career.

Sure, downgrading might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely food for thought when you’re demanding that your boyfriend empty out his bank account for a piece of jewelry that, in the end, isn’t all that practical to wear outside of your engagement photos.

And besides, we now know that the pricier the ring, the higher the likelihood of divorce.

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