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Have We Officially Reached the End of Traditional Wedding Registries?

A new blender? No thanks.
alternative wedding registries
Keep the Nambé serving platter—we’ll take the cash.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an apartment overflowing with home goods you don’t remember ever wanting. At least, that’s how it’s always been. Although it seems the ultra-traditional wedding registry could be on its way out—at least among young engaged couples.

A recent report in the New York Times highlighted a trend among millennials, who are opting out of typical wedding registries in favor of cash or donations toward experience-based gifts like honeymoons, retreats, concerts or even down-payment help on a home. It’s not so much that the younger generation doesn’t need, say, a blender, but more couples are getting married later and living together, already sharing home items that would typically be gifted.

Whether you’re planning for your own big day or want to be in the know for gifts that’ll appeal to engaged pals, we’ve put together a list of online registries made for the modern couple.

This site allows you to add items from any website—including experiences like skydiving or cooking classes—onto one registry and have all gifts redeemed as cash. It also allows for group gifting for expensive items, plus has a convenient app that acts as a mobile scanner so you can add your picks on the go.

If you’d really like to raise funds for a big trip, this site is one of your best bets. Destinations like Italy, Hawaii and France, broken up into smaller gifts like dinners and tourist attractions, are among the most popular registries along with necessities-based gifts like donations for home improvements and down payments.

Hatch My House
For those prioritizing getting a new home up and running, Hatch My House allows you to “design” a virtual home and have guests “buy” a part of the house (the roof, porch, etc). In reality, that translates to cash donations toward your savings for home décor, renovations or a down payment.

This registry is all about personalization, so you could build a really beautiful site and streamline what experiences or gifts you’d like from any store into one place. Bonuses: you get alerted whenever someone buys from the registry, you can have the gifts held for shipping until you move to a new home or return from a honeymoon and can virtually exchange any of your presents.

BluePrint Registry
Like Hatch My House, BluePrint invites couples to create a blueprint of a dream home. The difference is that you can organize gifts by room type, for example, all of the cookware would fall under the hypothetical kitchen. You can opt for group gifting with pricier items as well as cash gifts for experience funds you create and customize.

Newlywish takes into consideration your personal style and sources gifts from 50+ artsy boutiques that will cater to your tastes. You can still add gifts from other sites and opt for services, concerts, charity funds or destinations.

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