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The 5 Things Men REALLY First Notice About a Woman

Nope, not your boobs.
when men notice first about women
when men notice first about women
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Have you ever wondered what a guy really notices when he meets you for the first time? Join the club–it’s the question countless women have wondered any time we’re checked out or approached–or not approached–by a new guy.

In an effort to uncover what it really is that attracts a guy’s attention, we scoped out the five things men notice first when they meet a new woman. Read on, and prepare to be surprised.

1. Your hair.
The folks at Pantene conducted a study on men and found that yes, your blow-outs are worth the money. They discovered that 74% of men notice women because of their hair, with 44% admitting hair is the first thing they notice about a woman. Surprised? We sure are. In fact, the study found a guy is more likely to approach a gal at a bar who has great hair over a woman with a low-cut shirt.

2. Your clothes.
The same study found that 26% of men notice a woman’s clothes before her legs (which 25% noticed) or makeup (noticed by a meager 4%.)

3. Your laugh.
Guys dig a girl with a great laugh, according to a survey in which 88% of respondents said their date’s laugh made an impression on a first date. If you slick on a swish of red lipstick your attractiveness also sky-rockets, according a study from the University of Manchester. Researchers tracked the eye movements of men and found that for the first 10 seconds a man meets a woman, he’ll spend about half of that time staring at her mouth. If she’s wearing lipstick, that time spikes: Pink lipstick can hold his gaze for 6.7 seconds on average, while red will leave him unable to look away for an impressive 7.3 seconds.

4. Your personal hygiene.
The biggest turn-offs on a first date include bad breath, body odor, and dirty fingernails, according to a recent poll of 35,000 users. If you want to land a second date, now is not the time to skimp on the deodorant, ladies.

5. Your eyes.
This is a little bit refreshing: A study of 1,000 men found that 70% look at a woman’s eyes when judging a first impression. This was followed closely by her smile and–unsurprisingly–her breasts.

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