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My Experience With a Pet Psychic Healed My Heart After Losing My Cat—Here’s What Happened

They had a *lot* to say.
StyleCaster | My Experience With a Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator
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If you’ve ever looked into the eyes of your pet and wondered what they were really thinking, you might want to consider working with a pet psychic (or an animal communicator). After all, pet psychics are professionals when it comes to getting to know your pet and understanding what they’re really trying to say.

Many of us have questions we feel afraid to ask, which is why we often turn to psychics for answers. These individuals can be thought of as a mediator between the earthly plane and the spirit world, relaying messages for us from the Great Beyond. And because our pets are often our most special and trusted friends, it only makes sense that many of us would reach out to a psychic in order better understand them. I happen to be one of those people.

Despite the obvious language barrier, the relationships we share with our animal companions can be some of the most meaningful relationships we’ll ever get to have. And yet, the intense bond we share with our pets can feel incredibly mysterious. We’re often left questioning whether we’re doing enough for them; whether we’re making sure their needs are met and they are satisfied. We’re often left wondering if they *really* love us, even though we already *know* they love us. Sometimes, we just need to hear the words spoken out loud! That’s where an animal psychic comes in handy.

Because I’ve always had countless questions for my animals, I booked an appointment with Sue Pike, The Animal Talker. Needless to say, the experience was mind-blowing—read on to see what happened.

StyleCaster | My Experience With a Pet Psychic
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How Does a Pet Psychic Work?

If you’re scratching your head right now wondering how a pet psychic works, let me break it down for you. Every psychic uses one or more of the four clairs to communicate with the spirit world. In French, the word “clair” is an adjective that translates to “clear”, “light” or “bright”, which explains its association with psychic insight and a heightened intuition. The four clairs include:

  • Clairaudience (hearing voices)
  • Clairvoyance (seeing images)
  • Clairsentience (feeling emotions)
  • Claircognizance (deep sense of knowing)

Each and every one of us has the power to use these clairs and strengthen our intuition, because these are spiritual muscles we are born with. Psychics are people who have spent time exercising those spiritual muscles, making it easier for them to connect with the spirit world.

Because animals don’t always understand human languages, they are able to relay their thoughts, feelings and emotions to their spirit guides—yes, animals have spirit guides too! An animal communicator then touches bases with your pet’s spirit guides, making it easy to establish a conversation and translate what your pet is trying to say. And when you finally discover what your pets have to say, I promise you’ll feel stunned by their intelligence.

How I Communicated With 3 Pets Through a Pet Psychic

Champion, the love of my life
Roya Backlund.

Champion (passed away in 2021)

The animal I was looking forward to communicating with the most was Champion, a cat I shared the deepest bond with. When he passed away in my arms back in 2021, I was so devastated that it took months for me to feel even remotely normal. I took it extremely hard. I had never felt a love this deep for another living thing and his death prompted me to research pet psychics in general.

From the moment the session started, Sue Pike had wonderful things to say about Champion. She was impressed with his politeness and blown away by how ancient his soul is. After taking me through a few deep breaths and inviting Champion into the space, Sue’s voice and demeanor began to shift. The more she connected with Champions energy, the more she began to exhibit his energy. Champion went on and on about how beautiful the spirit realm is, expressing joy over the fact that time does not exist in the afterlife. He expressed his gratitude for providing him with “warmth and safety” during the final years of his life.

What I really wanted to know was why our bond was so strong. I met him when he was stray cat with countless ailments, living in the street outside my parent’s house during summer 2019. Our connection was love at first sight. In the weeks following our introduction, our bond grew exponentially fast. I would go outside, call his name and watch him run towards me from whatever faraway corner of the street he had been hiding in. He eventually started crying outside our patio door, wanting to be let in. He was desperate to be close to me and his body was glued to mine when I finally brought him in to sleep inside.

Champion told Sue that before we were born, we made a “soul agreement” that ensured we would be together again this life. He explained that Champion and I shared a beautiful past life together in ancient Egypt; that I was a spiritual healer and he was my familiar, and together, we made a meaningful difference in many people’s lives. Champion wanted me to know that I have no clue how strong my gifts are and continue to be; how much these gifts can help people. Because he also let me know that he is now my spirit guide, he will continue be there for me and help me every step of the way.

Flicka, the best dog in the world
Roya Backlund.

Flicka (age 14)

Losing Champion was really hard on me, which is why I knew talking to our family dog Flicka—pronounced FLEE-kuh—would be deeply important. Flicka is around fourteen years old and reaching the end of her time here on Earth, which is the last thing my Dad—or any of us—wants to think about. After all, the bond my Dad shares with Flicka is very similar to the bond I shared with Champion.

Our family’s main concern was making sure Flicka feels comfortable and joyful as she experiences her sunset years. She let Sue know—in her eternally youthful and puppy-like personality—that she has good days and bad days. Sue said she could feel pain in Flicka’s hips and hind legs, which makes sense, as Flicka has been having a lot of trouble with her joints. The strain is so intense that Flicka often has trouble relieving herself without one of us supporting her. She made sure to thank us for “raising the food so she doesn’t have to bend down to eat” and “wiping her clean after she uses the bathroom”, both of which are things I made no mention of to Sue.

As Sue’s demeanor continued to reflect Flicka’s upbeat and fun-loving attitude, it became especially hard to hear that she wants each of “the three”—my Mom, my Dad and I—to let her know when it’s OK for her to “go”. She wants each of us to have a moment alone with her during “private time” in which we can give her permission to transition. She made a point of saying “especially my boyfriend,” because yes—our dog thinks my Dad is her boyfriend. Clearly, the love my Dad has for Flicka is more than reciprocated.

Archie, a very complicated & intelligent boy
Roya Backlund.

Duke Archibald (age 3)

Before this session with Sue Pike, Duke Archibald was actually named Lasagna. This three-year-old cat came from a litter of kittens born at my parent’s house during 2020, and each one was named after an Italian dish. Needless to say, Archie has always hated his name (and made sure to let us know). When Sue asked for his name, he said “Duke”. So I asked if he would prefer to be called “Duke Archibald” and “Archie” for short, which he then gave his stamp of approval. Sue Pike also let me know that she gets the sense that Archie thinks he’s smarter than the rest of the pets, which also made sense.

I was interested in speaking to Archie because he’s extremely sensitive, moody and downright grumpy. I could never understand why Archie was so sensitive and easily triggered, because he was born and raised in a loving and stable environment. What I found was that Archie wasn’t traumatized at all—he’s just *very* particular!

Sue’s voice changed the most when communicating with Archie, speaking in a much more stern and logical tone of voice. He told us that he really likes “structure” and hates it when we deviate from our routines and our plans. In other words, little Archie doesn’t like it when I show up at my parent’s house without calling first. He wants me to let him know my schedule in advance; making it clear how many sunrises and sunsets I’ll be gone, because that’s how animals understand that a day has transpired.

Archie also really likes to be “in control” of himself, which is why he outright refused Sue’s offer to give him reiki healing. I mean, it certainly makes sense! Archie doesn’t even like cat nip, and by all accounts, Archie is the most “sober” cat I’ve ever known. As long as we respect Duke Archibald’s boundaries and adhere to the parameters that he has set, he’ll be a happy cat. And if I’m being quite honest, changing his name has already done wonders to improve his overall mood.

In Conclusion: Would I Recommend a Pet Psychic?

It took me a year to find the courage to book a session with a pet psychic. The idea of communicating with my beloved Champion in the afterlife felt like too much for me to handle, but I still had so many burning questions for him. I can say without a doubt that I’m glad I finally decided to go for it, because the experience made me feel closer to my pets than I’ve ever felt before. As long as you work with an ethical and reputable animal communicator that you trust, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Not only did the experience give me a chance to get on the same page as Flicka and Archie, but it also allowed me to understand why the bond I shared with Champion felt stronger than what I’ve felt with other humans. I walked away from the experience knowing that Champion is doing better than ever. We have an eternal connection that stretches far beyond the time we shared together in this life. I will continue looking out for the signs he promises he sends me, which are crooked frames and blue monarch butterflies.

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