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Zodiac Signs as Twilight Characters
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Although it may be corny, it’s time to talk about the Twilight character that matches each zodiac sign. After all, there’s a reason people still can’t stop talking about Bella, Edward and Jacob. Once you’ve fallen for the cold and windy oceanside forests of Forks, Washington, you’ll never stop dreaming of vampires and werewolves under a cloudy-gray sky.

Ever since The Twilight Saga skyrocketed to motion-picture success during the late aughts, its fan base has only gotten bigger. In fact, it’s experiencing a resurgence of enthusiasm on TikTok and Instagram, proving that YA-author Stephenie Meyer tapped into something that cannot be stopped. If you’re obsessed with the Twilight universe to the point of reading the latest release of Midnight Sunwhich is Twilight told from Edward’s perspective—then you know you’ve spent hours dissecting the nuances of each character and their backstory. Because the archetypes of each zodiac sign in astrology are present in each and every one of us, it can be a powerful tool for understanding each character’s intentions and how they conflict and align with one other’s.

If you’re unashamed to admit that you freaking love Twilight, then let’s talk about the zodiac sign that matches each of the most important characters in the saga:

The Twilight Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Emmett Cullen Twilight Eclipse
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Aries: You’re Emmett Cullen

The strongest member of the Cullen clan is Emmett. Not only does he dominate in vampire baseball, he’s also jumps at the chance to rough-house with his brothers. The fact that he never backs down from an opportunity to prove his bravado makes him such an Aries. And because Aries are loud and proud when it comes to showing off the people they love, it only makes sense that he would end up with Rosalie, a woman who can never get enough of being worshipped and adored.

Esme Cullen Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Taurus: You’re Esme Cullen

Esme is as stable of a presence for the Cullen family as she is beautiful, which makes her a Taurus through and through. This Venus-ruled zodiac sign has a way of remaining loyal through thick and thin, which makes sense, as Esme’s entire origin story is based on loving her vampire-doctor husband, Carlisle. She’s been in love with him since the moment she first saw him when he treated her broken leg at the age of sixteen. After her failed marriage and the loss of her baby, she finally crossed paths with him once more and they never parted ways again. Sounds like a Taurus love story to me!

Jessica Stanley Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Gemini: You’re Jessica Stanley

Jessica has a lot on her mind and her mouth can definitely keep up. Her ability to essentially have a conversation with herself and barely notice that her friend Bella isn’t paying attention is peak Gemini behavior. Although she may give off “frenemy” vibes at times, the truth is, she’s probably the only human in Forks who’s well aware of how boring and awkward Bella can be at times. She’s often left wondering what the fuss is all about! You can alway count on a Gemini to observe and keep up with everyone’s energy, because they definitely need a lot to remain stimulated and interested.

Jacob Black Twilight Eclipse
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Cancer: You’re Jacob Black

If there’s one thing that’s true about Jacob, it’s that he’s quite sensitive and deeply committed to his emotional convictions. His task of enforcing the treaty that protects his home—the Quileute Reservation—from vampires gives off major Cancer vibes, as is the zodiac sign that nurtures and protects the home. Also, it’s a well-known fact that werewolves love transforming into their furry forms under the full moon! His intense love and affection for Bella is also rather Cancer of him, as it can at times become irrational. What Cancer hasn’t pined for someone from afar?

Rosalie Hale Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Leo: You’re Rosalie Hale

Vampires are always beautiful… and then there’s Rosalie. She is depicted as the ultimate beauty; someone who can’t seem to get enough of their own reflection. Sounds pretty Leo, doesn’t it? However, that’s not the only thing about her that gives off Leo energy. She’s proud, protective and slow-to-trust, which is why she was wary of Bella from the very start. Being fixed fire signs, Leos are also highly committed, which is why Rosalie has no problem abstaining from human blood completely. She’s the only one who’s never even had a drop of it! And although she remains true to her values, she is “theatrical” just like a Leo, as shown in the way she wore her wedding dress while getting revenge on the men who hurt her.

Bella Swan Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Virgo: You’re Bella Swan

Most of the world had Bella pegged as a Virgo from the very start. She’s shy, introverted, studious, intellectual, awkward and modest, which is incredibly Virgo of her. She’s also a no-frills kind of gal, as she would rather slip on some old sneakers rather than wear a pair of high heels. Virgos are often much more concerned with functionality than keeping up the the latest style trends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rock that clean and simple look! Bella also handles heartbreak and romance a lot like a Virgo would, in that every aspect of her daily routine came undone when Edward left her in Twilight: New Moon. Although they may seem unbothered, Virgos are always barely containing a deep well of emotion.

Carlise Cullen Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Libra: You’re Carlisle Cullen

The reason the Cullen clan has been able to survive the modern world as well as they have is thanks to Carlisle. Libras are famous for their charm, persuasiveness and charisma, which is why Carlisle has not only been able to survive life as a vampire for the past 365 years, but thrive. It doesn’t hurt that he’s supposed to be next-level gorgeous and frozen forever at the age of 23. He’s able to be a mediator not only between humans and vampires, but within his own family. Let’s not forget the time he told Rosalie that “Bella is a part of this family now”, instantly diffusing any conflict or tension in the household. What Libra doesn’t play peacekeeper?

Jasper Hale Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Scorpio: You’re Jasper Hale

Scorpio is often depicted as the most intense and passionate of all the zodiac signs, and yet, they always keep their secrets well-hidden. Jasper is the most mysterious member of the Cullen clan with one of the most traumatic backstories, but he always maintains a stoic and distant appearance. However, underneath that careful facade is a vampire who has a *very* hard time curbing their appetite for human blood. Everyone knows that when a Scorpio desires something, it’s almost impossible to stop them! However, Scorpios just need to feel loved and protected before they can let their guard down, which is why Alice is always capable of bringing him back to his center.

Victoria Twilight Eclipse
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Sagittarius: You’re Victoria

Although Victoria is one of the main antagonists of the entire Twilight saga, she manages to remain bad ass every step of the way. When you think of Victoria, you probably envision her speeding through a forest with a mane of blood-red hair snapping in the wind. Only a Sagittarius could manage to travel such long distances just for the mere satisfaction of getting revenge. And because this mutable fire sign makes waves wherever they go, it only makes sense that she was able to build an entire vampire army before finally going to battle against the Cullens and werewolves of Forks.

Edward Cullen Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Capricorn: You’re Edward Cullen

When you think of an attractive Capricorn man, you probably think of someone like Edward. Between his tall, statuesque frame, his sharp bone structure and his pale, diamond-encrusted skin, Edward radiates Capricorn beauty perfectly. However, that’s not the only reason everyone’s favorite vampire crush is a Capricorn. He also shows his love to Bella by being her rock and making sure her protection always comes first. Capricorns are known for being so committed to keeping everyone safe that they can come across unfriendly or terse because of it. Edward’s brooding quality and and grumpy, old-fashioned nature only adds to the Capricorn effect.

Charlie Swan Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Aquarius: You’re Charlie Swan

Although Charlie may be distant and somewhat of a loner, he proves that Aquarians are incredibly loving and devoted underneath their aloof exterior. Charlie Swan has enjoyed a resurgence as the ultimate unsung hero of the Twilight universe and his status as father to Bella—a woman who’s surrounded by supernatural energy—only adds to his Aquarian charm. Of course an Aquarius would wind up with a kid who falls in love with a vampire! These fixed air signs have a way of attracting quirky and unconventional energy. Even though he would rather not know too much about Bella’s strange world, he remains ready and available should she ever need him (much like an Aquarius).

Alice Cullen Twilight
Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Pisces: You’re Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen is the most whimsical, empathetic and open-hearted character in Twilight. Vampires are often depicted as having no soul, but Alice’s compassionate nature forces you to question whether that may actually be true. She has visions of future events and is the first one to pick up on danger when it’s in the distance. Everyone knows a Pisces with an incredibly strong connection with their intuition and psychic senses, which is why the only zodiac sign that could capture Alice’s all-around mystical qualities would have to be Pisces.

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