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Capricorn—Your November Horoscope Predicts a Creative Awakening & a Romantic Turning Point

Color outside the lines.
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You’re spending the month expanding your social circle and connecting with the world at large, because your Capricorn horoscope for November 2022 wants you to bring clarity to your vision. Scorpio season is underway, which means the sun is moving through your 11th house of hopes, dreams and community endeavors. How can you spearhead something positive for the people?

Don’t expect instant results, because Mars retrograde will slow down progress all throughout the month. As the planet of conflict and passion retrogrades through your sixth house of work and health, you may feel an increasing sense of burnout, especially if you haven’t reserved adequate time for rest and self-care. By allowing patience to guide you through the process, you’ll gain habits that last even longer.

However, once a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Taurus shakes things up in your fifth house of fun and pleasure on November 8, you may be come to terms with what you really want to express. Success means nothing if you’re not doing something you loved and being appreciated for it, so start pivoting your attention towards the passion projects you can’t live without. You may even find yourself falling in love with something—or someone—so don’t disregard what makes your heart flutter.

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Although the first half of the month may be social and innovative, you may feel more sensitive and withdrawn as of November 22. Sagittarius season will shift your focus to your 12th house of spirituality and inner exploration, bringing deep emotions right to the surface. So many feelings and repressed thoughts may arise, bringing power to your intuition and showing you what you’re ready to heal from and part ways with. As a new moon in Sagittarius takes place on November 23, you may be letting forgiveness lead the way. It’s time to let go of the guilt and resentment that only brings you pain.

Jupiter retrograde also comes to an end on November 23, which could lead to a game-changing idea or a motivating conversation. As Jupiter stations direct in your third house of communication, an exchange of words may be more healing than you could ever have hoped for. Use your intellect to find the truth, Capricorn.

However, as Mercury in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini on November 29, your need for a break may conflict with your desire to get things done. If you work yourself to the bone, you may find that reaching the finish line before you’re ready will always come an exhausting toll.

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