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Libra—Your November Horoscope Says You’re Embracing Deeper Intimacy (& Setting Clear Boundaries)

Letting down your guard is always a process.
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Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you’re done treating yourself! Your Libra horoscope for November 2022 wants you to give yourself exactly what you need in order to feel stable, whole and well-positioned. As Scorpio season shines a light on your second house of money and values, you’re feeling ready to set financial goals while finding satisfying ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

However, as Mars retrograde continues to create a ruckus in your ninth house of adventure, spontaneity and education, you may struggle to have faith in what you’re living for; in what your “purpose” may be. You may be craving a certain type of experience that makes you feel alive, and if you’re not finding it, you may feel compelled to search for it. Are you willing to do what it takes to fight for your dreams? Be open and patient, because this story is far from over.

In fact, a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Taurus will turn things up a notch on November 8. Igniting the flame of change in your eighth house of transformation, you may be dealing with an unexpected loss or transformation. Getting used to new boundaries is never easy, but you may find that learning your limits and reassessing your investments can do far more good for you than bad.

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Your social life will begin to pick up more by November 16, when Venus—your ruling planet—enters your third house of communication, siblings and close friends. This will inspire you to spice things up in your own neighborhood by attending small gatherings and participating in local discourse. By the time a new moon in Sagittarius takes place on November 23, you may have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to communicate (both to yourself and to others). How can you ask the right questions and use your voice to your benefit?

Once Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on November 23, you may be rewarded for all the hard work you’ve invested into your routine and self-care regimens. If you’ve been allowing structure and discipline to motivate your choices, you’re about to start seeing results. And if you’ve fallen behind, this is a powerful time to start fresh!

The month comes to an end as Mercury in Sagittarius forms an opposition with Mars in Gemini on November 29. This could highlight some of the differences in perspective that hold you back from truly seeing clearly. You may wonder whether it’s time to be a big fish in a small bowl or take your chance in the open ocean. The choice is yours, Libra.

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