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Leo—Your November Horoscope Says You’re Taking a Big Step in Your Career (& Never Looking Back)

Don't look back.
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You may be enjoying the atmosphere of fall and giving in to your love for comfort culture, because your Leo horoscope for November 2022 wants you to go home. Scorpio season is upping your sensitivity levels and increasing your desire for a feeling of warmth, love and safety. As the sun moves through your fourth house of home and family, you’re being called to water your roots with some TLC.

However, let’s not forget that Mars is also retrograde, spinning backwards through your 11th house of community and social circles for the duration of the month. You may have been feeling at odds with others and you may be forced to bridge the gap with the people you’ve lost touch with due to jealousies and resentments. It’s time to get to the core of what’s rotting your social group, because one conflict can turn the whole bunch sour!

When a blood-moon-lunar-eclipse in Taurus casts a red shadow across your 10th house of career and public image on November 8, you’re leaving behind your comfort zone and entering a new phase of your professional life. Prepare to put yourself out there in a way you haven’t before, because your ambitions are well within your reach, as long as you continue to play your cards right.

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Sagittarius season begins on November 22, showering your world with love, beauty and excitement! As the sun continues to dance through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you’re climbing out of hibernation and partaking in some of the holiday shenanigans. Do things that make you feel alive and make you feel like being seen. You may even be embarking on a new romantic affair or diving deeper into a creative project by November 23, when a new moon in Sagittarius brings inspiration to your doorstep.

When Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on November 23, it could show you the power of breaking ties with something toxic and rising from the ashes like a phoenix. You’ve invested a lot of your energy setting boundaries and creating space for something different. You’re about to see how much these acts of healed you, Leo.

However, as Mercury in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini on November 29, the month ends on an overwhelming note. You may find yourself balancing your desire to be recognized and praised for your efforts and your need to do your part and lean into what’s good for the collective. You’re learning how to prevent the spotlight from defining your worth, Leo.

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