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How I Used an Astrocartography Chart to Decide Whether I Should Live in New York or Los Angeles

Have you ever felt like a different person in a new city? Astrology can explain why.
How to Use Astrocartography
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Every time I visit a new city, I start romanticizing and imagining my new and improved life and personality there. I wonder to myself: Who would I be in this city?  It’s no secret that places have the power to affect us on a soul-level, which is why learning how to read your astrocartography chart can be such an eye-opening experience. As someone who splits their time between the west coast and the east coast of the U.S., I set out to find out whether astrocartography—AKA the astrology of locations—could tell me which side of the continent I should live on.

During the height of the pandemic, I was stuck in a toxic relationship while working overdrive in New York City. The stress would cause me to fantasize about moving far away, wondering if I relocating to Los Angeles would solve the problem. Now that I’m here, I’m convinced—and so are my friends—that the person I am while chilling on the west coast is completely different from the intense and determined girl-boss persona that I embody whenever I’m back in New York. If you also feel like you become a whole new person when you travel to a different geographical location, you might want to look into what your astrocartography chart has to say. Often referred to as locational astrology, astrocartography analyzes the way your birth chart aligns with various cardinal points on planet Earth.

However, the art of astrocartography can be complicated and difficult to understand without guidance. If you’re wondering how to read your astrocartography chart, here’s what you should know:

Astrocartography Chart North America
Photo: Astro Dienst.

How to Read an Astrocartography Chart

When you input your date, time and location of birth into Astro Dienst’s astrocartography chart calculator, you will be shown your astrocartography map. What you will see are many different lines running across the world, each one labeled with a different color and a different planet. Each of these lines represent different astrological energies; some luckier than others. As long as a city or location is within 500 miles of the line, it’s being affected by the energy of that line. Here’s a run through of how each planetary line affects you:

  • Sun line: This is one of the most positive lines, as the Sun symbolizes confidence, power and reputation. If your sun line is running through a city, you can expect to feel established, respected and admired in this location. This line is often labeled with the astrological symbol with the astrological symbol for the Sun (☉)
  • Moon line: Your Moon line dictates where you feel most comfortable and at home. If your moon line is running through a location, you can expect to feel as though you belong there and are cared for in this location. It’s a beautiful area to start a family, but it can also make you feel like staying within your comfort zone. This line is often labeled with the astrological symbol with the astrological symbol for the Moon (☽)
  • Venus line: If your Venus line is running through a location, you’ll have a luckier time falling in love and making money in this area. If you’re single and trying to plan a vacation, don’t skimp on your Venus destinations! You will automatically feel more attractive and romantic in these places, and if you’re hoping to extend your girl group, this is also where you’ll find other women that you get along with. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Venus (♀)
  • Mercury line: If you’re looking for a place to learn new things, visit museums, linger in bookstores and make dozens of new friends, your Mercury line is where it’s at. Here, you’ll feel more social, intelligent and chatty, making it an excellent place to study, write and speak. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Mercury (☿)
  • Mars line: If you’re trying to achieve a goal or succeed at something, your Mars line will give you an extra push. It will inspire you to work harder than ever before! However, your Mars line is not known for being the easiest place to be, as it often is a location filled with conflict and harsh energy. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Mars (♂)
  • Jupiter line: Your Jupiter line is a place that’s filled with luck, prosperity and abundance. You’ll have tons of fun traveling to and/or living in these locations, as they often bring you positive reinforcement. It will also expand your need for adventure and education. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Jupiter (♃)
  • Saturn line: Your Saturn line is not an easy place, but it will force you to work hard, establish discipline and embrace longterm growth and maturity. While your Saturn line can feel like an inhibiting location filled with pressure, it’s near your Saturn line that you’ll be able to truly understand the full extent of your strength. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Saturn (♄)
  • Uranus line: Your Uranus line can lead to unexpected shake-ups and an unpredictable turn of events. Although your Uranus line can make you feel anxious and unsettled, it can also make you feel inspired and galvanized by new ideas. If you want to start a revolution or set a new trend, being on your Uranus line will give you that extra push.This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Uranus (♅)
  • Neptune line: Have you ever wanted to chill out and spend time in a fantasy world? Go to your Neptune line ASAP. Here, you’ll be able to drift away from reality and embrace the magic of that location. However, if you live on your Neptune line, it can make you feel extra lazy. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Neptune (♆)
  • Pluto line: Ready to start a whole new life? Your Pluto line will help you get there, as Pluto is the planet of creation and destruction. Unless you’re ready to start fresh and embrace a new version of yourself, you might want to avoid your Pluto line, as it can lead to life-changing situations. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Pluto (♇).
  • Chiron line: If you live on or travel to your Chiron line, you might feel way more sensitive, emotional and compassionate here. Although Chiron can open up old wounds, this energy can be incredibly healing if you’re ready to open your heart to it. Your Chiron line is also a place where you can be a healing presence for others. This line is often labeled with the symbol with the astrological symbol for Chiron (K).

How to Read Your Relocation Chart

Did you know your birth chart also changes depending on where you live? It only makes sense, as I feel like I exude a completely different energy in New York than I do in Los Angeles. If you’re wondering how your birth chart changes depending on where you’re located, you can input your date, time and location of birth into Astro-Seek’s relocation chart calculator, as it will show you your new birth chart in comparison to your original one. This provided me with clues as to which metropolis would be a better fit for my overall life.

I immigrated to the States when I was three, so I don’t necessarily feel at home in China as a third culture kid. New York was where I came of age as an adult for a decade, so of course my whole life is there. I can’t say for certain yet if Los Angeles feels as fast-paced as New York, but time has a way of passing by quickly when nearly every day is gorgeous and sunny! Although I’m currently living in Los Angeles, I’m constantly flying back and forth between both sides of the country. This made me wonder—is my Los Angeles relocation chart is actually better than my New York relocation chart? Here’s what I found:

Astrocartography Relocation Chart
Photo: Astro-Seek.

My Los Angeles Relocation Chart

Uh-oh. Mars doesn’t fully cut through LA but it gets close! My relocation chart indicates that I experience a more fast-paced, pressurized and aggressive way of life with possible conflict but also an inherent motivation. My Mercury sign also moves from my 3rd House of Communication and intellect to my 10th House of Career, while my Venus pivots from my 2nd House of Values to my 10th House. My Moon also changes into my 6th House of Health and Productivity. Is my new love language in Los Angeles becoming organized and leaning into the creativity of more solo work? I went to college, started a career in media, established a formal 9-5 job and and locked in my professional reputation in New York. My recent move to Los Angeles gave me the space to actualize my creative writing endeavors as a potential job pivot.

My Sun in Leo also moves from my 4th House of Home and Family to my 11th House of Community, expanding my social circle and urging me to meet mew people. My Pluto (which rules transformation and rebirth) shifts from my 6th House of Health and Productivity into my 3rd House of Communication and Expression. My main focus here is to build a social circle and network, as well as help change people’s lives. This makes sense—I never had organized plans in New York and I would go to whatever social invite would pop up in the moment. Here in LA, I need an agenda weeks in advance! Since I’m starting over by myself, I’m doing my best to socialize and network, both in and out of the office. I formally kicked off my writing career in Los Angeles too, so ding ding on the accuracy of additional expression!

In LA, I’m more geared toward a monogamous longterm partnership & in NY, I tend to dive into every fast and furious fling I get swept into.

While my Venus is now in my 10th House of Career, my Lilith—which rules hidden knowledge—is in my 7th House of Partnerships. In LA, I’m more tempted to reflect on long-term relationships and be monogamous, as opposed to diving into every fast and furious fling I get swept into in NY. And although my boyfriend lives in New York, we first met in California! It’s true—I do feel like a little minx in New York with him in the city’s bright lights, but while I’m in LA solo, my mind tends to center on our future together.

Now, my Pluto moves to my 3rd House of Communication, while my North Node is also in my 3rd House. In California, I’m learning to express myself in every way, while finding my life’s true intention in this city through language and imagination.

Astrocartography Relocation Chart.
Photo: Astro-Seek.

My New York Relocation Chart

My Sun line in the United States actually runs into the Atlantic Ocean, but it’s also closest to New York, meaning I feel powerful on the east coast. My dark green Venus line runs through this region as well, signifying my love life and friendship blossoming in NY. My light green Mercury line also signals to a bigger social circle and a stonger intellect here. My Sun sign also shifts from my 4th House of Home to my 10th House of Career, making me that much more avid about climbing the corporate ladder. I’m all about the big picture grind here!

My Sun shifts to my 10th House of Career in NY, making me more avid about climbing the corporate ladder. I’m all about the big picture grind here!

My Venus in my 2nd House of Values and Mercury in my 3rd House of Communication both transfer to my 9th House of Adventures, so I’m open minded to any plans (love life or otherwise!) which end up coming my way. My Venus shifts to my 9th House of Adventures while my Jupiter (which governs expansion and abundance) moves from my 5th House of Romance and Creativity into my 12th House of Dreams and Emotions. I’m very romantic, artistic yet protective when I’m in NY. My Lilith is now in my 5th House of Romance and Creativity, which really increases the level of romance I experience on the east coast. Apparently, I’m a passionate vixen tapping into my divine feminine here too!

My Pluto is now in my Ascendent 1st House of Self, while my North Node is still in my 7th House of Partnerships. New York represents an overall heightened place with a plethora of beginnings and endings, and my partner is supposed to be on the east coast. However, the struggle and journey teaches me fortitude and strength.

What’s the Verdict: Los Angeles or New York?

STYLECASTER | How to Read Your Relocation Chart In Astrology
Image: Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

The sharp accuracy of using astrocartography is downright spooky. Overall, I’m learning to rebalance my rituals and routines this year. New York still very much feels like home to me. It has given me the tenacity and resilience I always wanted to have, while showing me the most tender moments of cinematic joy in my life. My boyfriend also still lives in New York, so I suppose he’d be flattered for me to call him my North Node of Destiny. In Los Angeles, I’m ultimately learning to communicate out loud to not only the world via my revived love of producing content, but also to myself via boundaries, autonomy and healing. In the meantime, I’ll keep harnessing the beautiful and contrasting energies of both cities to the best of my ability, as both cities contain different types of opportunities for me!

Using Astrocartography maps and relocation charts as a resource is not something to be scared of, but to embrace. It can be tough yet thrilling imagining all the many different versions of yourself you can become, all by simply visiting a new location. Yet, all the potential these varying places hold for your identity should yield in generating excitement. Mine proved to be scarily correct, but I suggest taking a deep dive yourself and seeing what the world (and future via the stars) holds for you.

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