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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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Gird your loins, because the upcoming month of May is going to be a major glow-up, Scorpio. However, your Scorpio May 2022 horoscope also shows how much work it takes to earn that sparkle. You’ll feel the initial rumblings of a major transformation on May 5, when the sun joins forces with Uranus in Taurus and takes your relationship in a new direction.

However, you may feel a need for independence that conflicts with your desire for intimacy. As Mercury stations retrograde in your eighth house of shared energies on May 10, you may come to terms your attachment style and the way you perceive love. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable with something, don’t discount your ability to set firm boundaries. As Jupiter enters your proactive sixth house on May 10, it will remind you to nourish yourself rather than deplete yourself. It’s time to drift away from the energy vampires and create more space for your genuine loved ones.

STYLECASTER | New Moon in Scorpio
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Either way, the universe has a plan for you, and on May 16, you may begin to get a sense of what that plan entails. This is when a lunar eclipse will rise in Scorpio, bringing you face-to-face with your own destiny. Make no mistake—you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now, in this moment! Expect major changes to ripple throughout your life, because the universe is removing blockages from your path and setting you straight.

By the time Mercury retrogrades back into your seventh house of partnerships on May 22, you may begin to feel the full brunt of what this retrograde entails. Expect ex-lovers and old friends to show up out of the woodwork, bringing up old memories and unfinished business! Try not to get caught up in something that’s not going anywhere, because on May 29, a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries will ignite your desire to be productive and get results. Keep your eyes on the goal, because you’re on the verge of tapping into your true potential.

STYLECASTER | New Moon In Scorpio November 2020
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As the month comes to a close on May 30, a new moon in Gemini will light a candle in your eighth house of death and rebirth. You may feel like a snake shedding its skin or a phoenix rising from the ashes, because you’ve been through *so* much. Now, you’re ready to reap the rewards of what you’ve been willing to sow.

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