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STYLECASTER | Astrology Weekly Horoscopes
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You’re gearing up for a powerful start to the month, Cancer. After all, your Cancer April 2022 horoscope begins with an opportunity to refine your career goals and get motivated about your professional pursuits! As a new moon in Aries blasts through your ambitious 10th house on April 1, you’re setting your standards high and shooting for the moon. However, as the sun joins forces with Chiron, your fear of failure may hold you back from trying. Remember—failure is integral to the process. Without failure, how would you ever learn?

You may feel overwhelmed by your financial responsibilities by April 4. This is when Mars will join forces with Saturn in Aquarius, revealing debts that require payment and investments that are not paying off as quickly as you would have hoped. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you, because money comes and goes. Form a plan to pay these bills off and don’t look back!

However, the energy will become *much* lighter and more positive by April 12. As the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces instills you with a hunger for knowledge and expansion, you’re feeling ready to spread your wings.

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Gain new experiences, veer into the unknown and allow yourself to get a little lost. You’ll never know what you might find! However, as a full moon in Libra dawns in your fourth house of roots and family on April 16, you may feel the need to return to your roots. Nurture your personal life with the TLC it deserves!

You may feel inspired to try something a little different in your love life by April 27. As Venus joins forces with Neptune and Jupiter in your open-minded ninth house, you may feel the need to follow your wildest instincts. Embrace a love life that’s marked by freedom as you let go of controlling and possessive patterns. Open your heart to a lover that matches your needs for adventure!

By the end of the month, you may embrace a major shift in your social life. As a solar eclipse in Taurus evokes a transformation in your 11th house of community on April 30, you may find yourself surrounded by new people! As you outgrow social engagements that no longer align with your values, you’re one step closer to finding the people who truly *get* you.

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