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Turns Out, Your Parents’ Zodiac Signs Affect You In A Big Way

Let's talk about sun signs and their impact.
STYLECASTER | Parents Zodiac Sign
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Our zodiac signs tell us a lot about ourselves, but it’s important to pay attention to the signs of those around us, too. For example, did you know that your parents’ zodiac signs have a major effect on your life? And perhaps not in the ways that you realize! Let us explain how your parents’ sun signs shaped you—and if you don’t already know your parents’ signs, use this as an excuse to give them a call! You probably need to, anyway.

Just a note—this article will only focus on your parents’ sun signs, not their entire charts. We’d need to write a whole book to do that! So take this all with a grain of salt, and read on for more information on how your parents’ signs might’ve affected you growing up under their roof.

STYLECASTER | Parents' Zodiac Signs

Your Parents’ Sun Signs Inform Their Parenting Styles

First and foremost, your parents’ sun signs affect the ways they choose to parent you, which in turn affects how you operate in the world. In case you didn’t know, sun signs represent the essence of a person’s character. While sun signs don’t define someone’s complete personhood (that takes the entire chart as well as lived experience), they are a relatively good indicator of a person’s likely tendencies and behavior

If your parents have more relaxed sun signs—like chill Taurus—it’s possible that they’ll choose to raise their children in a more laid-back manner. But if your parents’ sun signs are stereotypically more regimented—like meticulous Virgo—then it’s likely they’ll raise children with more structure. If your parents were constantly grounding you or saying no to sleepovers, it might’ve been your fault, but hey, perhaps it was fated by the stars!

STYLECASTER | Parents' Zodiac Signs

Your Parents’ Sun Signs Influence How They Communicate

Your parents’ sun signs also affect the ways they communicate, which, in turn, affects the way you communicate. While mercury is the planetary ruler of communication, the Sun placement in our astro charts gives a bit of insight into how people interact with the world around them.

There’s definitely a connection between our communication styles and that of our parents. If you’re outspoken and bold, it’s likely that you picked up some of that from your parents. If your folks fought with each other often, it’s possible you might’ve held on to some of their hot-headed or impatient tendencies.

Take a few moments to think about the connection between your parents’ sun signs and their communication styles. Is your chatty dad a Gemini? Maybe your quiet-but-wise momma is Scorpio. 


STYLECASTER | Parents' Zodiac Signs

Your Parents’ Sun Signs Give Insight Into Their Goals & Ideals

Along with being a general marker of what someone may be like as a person, your parents’ sun signs give insight into their goals, dreams and priorities. And of course, having children factors in!

Because sun signs give us clues as to people’s core selves, there’s a chance that your parents’ priorities have been influenced by the sun sign they were born under. People who place emphasis on home-making may have been born under signs like Cancer or Pisces, while parents who put more emphasis on their career might have been influenced by signs like Aries or Capricorn. 

Though none of this is set in stone, there’s a strong chance that a brief look into the sun signs of your parents can give you some insight into how your upbringing shaped you, and even spark some positive conversation. And hey—don’t forget to enjoy the process! You might just turn the whole family into budding astrologists.

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